Guest Voices: “Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties with a Twist!”

We know how much our friends at Hanky Panky love to put a twist on the typical celebrations. That’s why we’re here to inspire you to turn your bridal showers and bachelorette parties fabulous!

Friends of the bride might sometimes be discouraged by the cost of throwing the bride a celebration.  This is the perfect time to consider using an alternative registry! These unconventional registries like Deposit a Gift provide an easy way for friends of the bride to collect contributions to throw the perfect shower or bachelorette party. Though this may seem a little out of the ordinary, you don’t want your event to be ordinary—you want it to be extraordinary!

Deposit a Gift lets users create a registry just as they would with a traditional registry, but with absolutely anything they can imagine. It’s the perfect way for bridesmaids to gather funds to throw the best shindig or to ask guests to contribute an original gift—this way everyone contributes what they can and no one is left holding the bill. There is no limit to what you add: tickets for a show, hotel rooms for the happy couple, or the gift that keeps on giving—Hanky Panky lingerie of course! Comfortable and sexy—just what the bride asked for!

Check out some of the unique ways users have chosen to take advantage of an alternative wedding registry for bridal showers and bachelorette parties:

When there are no limits, your creativity can really flourish.  Try out an alternative registry to help bring the bride’s fantasy gifts to life!




Dana Ostomel is the founder and Chief Gifting Officer of the cash wedding registry site: Deposit a Gift. She works closely with her users to ensure they are able to craft the perfect gift list for them. Years before Dana got married, she wondered how anyone could store so many presents—and even if they could, how they had the time to unwrap, return (often), track and use them all. Her marketing background led her to believe she could simplify the registry process—and not just for weddings, but for any big gifting event. And so Deposit a Gift, the next generation gift registry, was born. For more creative registry ideas, keep up with Deposit a Gift on Facebook, Twitter and their blog.

About Hanky Panky

In 1977, designer Gale Epstein created a hand-made lingerie set for her friend, Lida Orzeck, crafted out of embroidered handkerchiefs. The original designs were the inspiration for the company name, Hanky Panky. Blending traditional with modern glam looks, Hanky Panky is a fashion favorite of countless celebrities.
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