Buying Hanky Panky Lingerie for Your Sweetheart: A Guide

Buying lingerie can be an intimidating experience. Here are some helpful hints to make it as easy as possible.

1. What size is she?
Luckily Hanky Panky thongs come in a few general size ranges, which each fit a wide variety of women. Our low rise and original rise thong panties fit the “average” bottomed woman (low rise fits sizes 2-12 best, and original is a little bigger and fits 4-14 best.) Our Petite Low Rise and XXS Low Rise thongs are designed for the smallest of women, and fit sizes 0-4 (petite) and 000-0 (XXS) best. And if your sweetheart is on the curvier side, our Plus Size Original Rise thongs fit sizes 14-24 best. For other styles, please refer to our Size Chart.

2. What’s her style?
Chances are you know what kinds of panties your sweetie prefers. Valentine’s day is a good opportunity to go a little sexier, but don’t go too far. If she wears cotton briefs every day, now is not the time to get her into a g-string. A good rule of thumb is to go no further than 1 step skimpier than she’s wearing now, or if you want to play it safe, you could try panties that she already loves, in sexier colors or fabrics. (I.E. a lace or sheer mesh bikini rather than an everyday cotton one, or her favorite Hanky Panky thong in hot pink or bright blue.)

If your girl is adventurous, she might like something from our provocative Hanky Panky After Midnight® collection of ultra-sexy, crotchless & peek-a-boo styles.3. What are her insecurities?
Try to find styles that “accentuate the positive.” If she’s insecure about her tummy, try a trapeze-style babydoll that won’t cling. If she’s not wild about her thighs, try a longer chemise. If she has an amazing butt (and knows it), maybe a thong-back teddy would be a good style for her. Women want to feel confident and sexy in lingerie, so make sure the style you choose will help her achieve that goal.

4. Speaking of styles, all these specialized lingerie terms baffle me! What on earth is a “Tap Pant”?
Please refer to our indispensable Style Guide for explanations of lingerie terminology and styles unique to Hanky Panky.

5. I need some gift suggestions.
Check out our  Gift Department for romantic and sexy gift ideas!

6. I want to get her something truly unique and personal.

Try our personalization tool to create a thong with a special message for your sweetie!

7. I’m still not sure what’s right for her.
We offer gift cards in any denomination between $25 and $500. They are emailed to the recipient within 24 hours, or on the date you specify. Then she can pick out her own sexy surprise!

-Larissa, Designer

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