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Lingerie with Jazz Age Rhythm

We’re caught up in the glamorous fashion of the roaring twenties, thanks to a certain cinematic adaption of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby! With an established love of 1920s lingerie and lace, the design team has been inspired to create … Continue reading

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Lingerie Influencers

Throughout history, there have been influencers who transformed the world and changed the way that people live their lives, from the most famous, to the ones who stayed away from the spotlight. In the lingerie world, there have been key … Continue reading

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Klauber Brothers: Six Generations of Luck and Lace

Today’s guest post was written by Maya Klauber. Her family owns Klauber Brothers, a sixth-generation family business, and creators of Hanky Panky’s exclusive Signature Lace. “Your family does what?” is the usual reaction when people first learn about my family’s lace business. … Continue reading

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Art Deco Textiles

With hit shows Downton Abbey and Boardwalk Empire set in the Jazz Age, and a new interpretation of The Great Gatsby on its way, we’re feeling a twinge of nostalgia for the looks of the roaring twenties! At a recent visit to … Continue reading

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Hanky Panky on Display at the Missouri History Museum!

Hanky Panky is honored to be included in the Missouri History Museum’s current lingerie-themed costume exhibition, Underneath It All. This exhibition explores the undergarments required to create the fashionable silhouettes of the late eighteenth through twenty-first centuries. As a lingerie designer and … Continue reading

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New Arrivals: Summer Afternoon

Celebrate Hanky Panky’s 35th Anniversary with our limited-edition “Summer Afternoon” collection. This collection is made from vintage hand-embroidered hankies, pure silk ribbon and ultra-lightweight 100% cotton batiste, and was inspired by the first Hanky Panky designs from 1977. The “Summer … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes at a Fashion History Exhibition.

Friday, June 30 will be the opening of Putman History Museum’s exhibit Summer Afternoon: Fashion and Leisure in the Hudson Highlands, 1850–1950 in Cold Spring, NY—one hour and ten minutes north of Manhattan. This exhibit presents summer fashions and undergarments from the museum’s … Continue reading

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Kicking up our skirts for the 23 Skidoo Flatiron Flashmobesque!

Kicking off 23 Skidoo, 50 dancers kicked-up their skirts (exposing their Hanky Panky panties) to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the Flatiron building, yesterday! This “Flatiron Flashmobseque” choreographed by Shandoah Goldman, was inspired by the historical legend which coined the … Continue reading

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Exhibition Review: Schiaparelli & Prada: Impossible Conversations

I don’t believe Schiaparelli and Prada:  Impossible Conversations at the Metropolitan Museum of Art will be the blockbuster hit the Alexander McQueen show was, but that is not to say it shouldn’t be seen and enjoyed. The show opens with … Continue reading

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Stitching in Air: Handmade Lace

Being a lingerie designer, I spend a lot of time working with lace. The history and construction of lace fabrics is completely fascinating. While the overwhelming majority of laces today are made by machines, the earliest ones were entirely handmade. … Continue reading

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