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Get the Look: Hair + Make-Up by Dyana for L.A.M.B. X Hanky Panky InStyle Ad

NYC-based hair and make-up artist Dyana Nematallah is the genius behind the gorgeous advertisement for L.A.M.B. X Hanky Panky in the August 2014 issue of InStyle magazine. L.A.M.B. X Hanky Panky is an exclusive design collaboration between Gwen Stefani’s clothing line, L.A.M.B., and … Continue reading

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University of Missouri Pep Squad Spotlight: Christina

        Three cheers for our newest Pep Squad member, Christina from the University of Missouri! Christina will bring us monthly blog posts, Facebook content and tweets straight from the Missouri campus. Want to know more about Christina? … Continue reading

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Thong Diary: How Hanky Panky helped me get my law essay done!

To the wonderful creators of Hanky Panky, Anyone who has been a student knows what one does when one has an assignment to be done. Instead of diligently getting through the mandatory reading, planning, and the actual writing of the … Continue reading

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Guest Voices: “Peep This Look: Retro Sailor Chic”

Boudoir shoots are such a great opportunity to shop for some gorgeous lingerie. We’re always impressed with what our clients come out with—most of our girls have serious style. We’re obsessed with this kicky retro sailor look for summer, so … Continue reading

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Guest Voices: “Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties with a Twist!”

We know how much our friends at Hanky Panky love to put a twist on the typical celebrations. That’s why we’re here to inspire you to turn your bridal showers and bachelorette parties fabulous! Friends of the bride might sometimes … Continue reading

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Guest Voices: “Peekaboo For You: How a boudoir shoot can help you love your body!”

So, you know how you look perfect and amazing all the time? I mean, you really do. You don’t need makeup, you don’t need Photoshop®, you don’t need to lose a pound—you’re pretty breathtaking all on your own. But, we … Continue reading

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Guest Voices: “Why I Love My DivaCup”

What is a DivaCup?  One of those fabulous painted margarita glasses? The biggest coffee mug Starbucks has to offer? A new bra size? Nope, a DivaCup is a menstrual cup that does not absorb, but instead collects, menstrual flow. No … Continue reading

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Guest Voices: “Weddings: Finding the Perfect Shower Hostess Gift”

  When you attend a special get together, someone was in charge of making it all happen. From the cleaning and decorations to the food, a lot of work went into the preparation. To show your appreciation, bring a hostess … Continue reading

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Hanky Panky Under the Microscope

You might wonder what a professional conference and lacy lingerie have to do with one another, but at a recent sexuality conference the importance of underwear you love was scientifically proven! At the 2011 American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors … Continue reading

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Thong Diary: Moving Day

After plenty of roaming around and traveling post-college, I’ve finally settled down in my first home. This past weekend, as I moved to a new place, I did a major overhaul on all of my belongings—including my underwear drawer. After … Continue reading

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