Chic Bridesmaid Dresses on Gossip Girl

As a two (almost three) time bridesmaid, I can fully attest to the absurdity of bridesmaid dresses. They are often expensive and uncomfortable, and almost always require a bizarre amount of tailoring, despite the fact that you send in your measurements when placing an order. However, the single worst thing about bridesmaid dresses, is that they always LOOK like bridesmaid dresses, and are never as pretty or flattering as a regular dress you’d buy to wear to a wedding.

The costume designer for Gossip Girl, Eric Daman has recognized this, and has selected two beautiful maid-of-honor dresses for one of the characters on the show, Serena van der Woodsen.

Bridesmaids featuring Vera Wang

The floral tiered ruffle dress on the left is by Ralph Lauren, and was accessorized with a pop of black accessories during character Lily’s wedding to Rufus in 2010.

While the other bridesmaids looked like blush pink cupcakes, the Vera Wang gown (worn by maid of honor Serena) stole the show at character Blair’s recent wedding. This dress is absolute perfection with its one shoulder tulle strap, chic color, and millions of pleats and gathers. Check out the back as well!

As a loyal Gossip Girl viewer, I must admit that I mostly tune in to see the fabulous fashions, and these are two of my favorite looks!

XOXO Melissa S.

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