Cool Haus Comes to Hanky Panky!

Ice Cream Sandwich by Cool Haus

Ice Cream Sandwich by Cool Haus

Sure we’ve all had an ice cream sandwich—or at least you may have thought you have. But, I assure you, you haven’t truly had one until you’ve had one from Cool Haus.

Henree surprised everyone last week when she arranged for this amazing company to come pay us a visit. Their menu is both glamorous and beyond delicious! They came and set up “shop” in our 12th floor showroom toting along their ingenious concoctions, like sea salt caramel ice cream between two potato chip and Skor cookies. Yes, I’m serious.

Their desserts are made to order—you choose your very own ice cream and cookie flavor combo! Being the sweets-hound that I am, of course I chose two different cookie flavors (chocolate chip and chocolate) with my ice cream (sea salt caramel). I really had to induce some serious willpower to stay in my chair when they came around asking if anyone wanted seconds.

Because I was so intrigued by the cookie with potato chips in it (I am in love with baking cookies!) I had to take one home for my boyfriend to try. I guess I was foolish to think I would also get to try it, but he did say “it was the most glorious thing I have ever tasted.” I guess I’ll just have to dream about it…until next time, anyway.

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