FNO: Fabulous Night Out

Last night I attended my first Fashion’s Night Out event, not knowing what to expect. I ended up having a celebrity-filled fun time. Hitting up shops allover Midtown, the streets were filled with New Yorkers in their most stylish attire.

Part of the fun was due to the fact that I attended this trendy event with one of the most enthusiastic fashionistas I know—my friend Ruben.

Our evening began at Lord & Taylor. The department store was hosting a plethora of events from multiple give-a-ways on every floor to celebrity meet-and-greets to the NFL Jets Cheerleaders performing on Fifth Avenue. On the 2nd floor, we posed for free fashion portraits drawn by very talented Fashion Institute of Technology students.

After loading up on FREE martinis and hors d’oeuvres we moved on to the 3rd floor, where we found a fashion photo booth and posed for free photos. Walking around the levels, we saw designer Vince Camuto posing for pictures at his meet-and-greet, Ivanka Trump heading out the door as we too were making our exit, when an enormous crowd had gathered around Solange Knowles. The experience was nearly fantastical—not only were we shopping amongst celebrities but there were tons of free loot and waiters were walking around serving martinis, champagne and appetizers. Lord & Taylor was a blast, but it was time to move on to our next stop.

Michele & Ruben’s Fashion Portraits by FIT Students

Photo Booth Fun at Lord & Taylor

Times Square Sephora: My whole purpose behind the night’s adventure was to see Maja Iversson, the lead singer of my favorite band, The Sounds, perform a song with tattoo artist Kat Von D! If Lord & Taylor was swarming, Sephora was rockin’. For a small shop, Sephora was jam-packed with music, makeovers and champagne.

As we entered the shop, the first person we saw was True Blood’s Pam posing for pictures. She looks exactly the same in person as she does on the show. To our left, a mess of ritzy glitzy exuberance… makeup artists were applying big colorful glitter tattoos! Guess who comes strutting in the door while Ruben and I are standing in line for our tattoos? The fabulous Kat Von D and Maja Ivarsson!

For the performance, Sephora had a mini stage set up in the middle of the store and by the looks of it, a crowd had started forming hours earlier. Twenty minutes later than scheduled, Maja Ivarsson took the stage with Kat Von D on piano and a world renowned violinist. The trio performed a mellow song with a classical sound. The song was far from The Sounds’ typical harmony, but Maja did a marvelous job and Kat did, too! The two ladies hung out after the show for a meet-and-greet but the line was long and we were eager to see what else the night had to offer.

Kat von D, Maja Iversson, and violinist performing at Sephora, Times Square. Fashion's Night Out, 2011.

Kat von D, Maja Iversson, and violinist performing at Sephora, Times Square.

Our last stop was Henri Bendel. A Swarovski Elements theme made Bendel’s every bit of glitz and glam as one could imagine it to be. In the storefront window was a model being “crystallized”—crystals were being glued to her body. Inside, mounted above the crystallized makeovers and crystal tattoo parlor were amazingly life like Show Girls decorated in…you guessed it—crystal costumes. The store was stunning and a fantastic close to our Fabulous Night Out.

"Crystallized" Mannequin at Henri Bendel.

“Crystallized” Mannequin at Henri Bendel.

All photos are courtesy of Ruben Velasco.

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