Lingerie Care Tips from Hanky Panky

Lace Is Delicate! If You Love Your Hanky Panky Undies, Treat Them Right.

Proper lingerie care is the single most important thing you can do to protect your investment and make your lingerie last a long time.

The ultimate in Lingerie Care: Hanky Panky's gentle but effective fabric wash is specially formulated to extend the life of stretch fabrics and delicates.

Hanky Panky’s gentle but effective lingerie wash is specially formulated to extend the life of stretch fabrics and delicates.

Hand Washing Lingerie is Super Easy!

Fill your sink or a basin with cool water and a small amount of a gentle detergent like our Hanky Panky Lingerie Wash. Detergents formulated for woolens are not suitable for washing lingerie. Soak your lingerie and occasionally gently agitate by hand. Stubborn spots may require additional soaking, or gentle spot cleaning with a washcloth. Drain and rinse until all suds are removed. Squeeze out excess water. Hang or lay flat to dry.

Lingerie Care: Hang your Hanky Panky Undies to Dry

Never, ever machine dry delicate lace lingerie. After washing, hang or lay flat to dry.

We Don’t Recommend, but If You Must Machine Wash, Use a Lingerie Bag!

A lingerie bag will help minimize the stress put on delicate items. Separate your items by color and place in lingerie wash bags. Do not over-fill. Do not include bras with hook and eyes in this wash. Use a mild detergent, free of bleach and damaging optical brighteners. Wash in cold water on the gentle cycle. Then hang or lay flat to dry.

Never, ever, ever, put your lingerie in the dryer! We really mean it!

The high heat and agitation of clothes dryers are deadly to delicate stretch fibers. Heat literally breaks the molecular bonds that hold spandex fibers together, while the agitation of tumble drying speeds the process along. And once the spandex is shot, the structural integrity of the lace is compromised, and your undies will never fit again. :(

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In the Eyelet of the Storm

Hanky Panky Eyelet Off-The-Shoulder Top

With another winter’s blizzard gone and the first day of Spring here, it’s time to look forward and begin building your wardrobe for when the weather turns a new leaf. If you are in the market to freshen up your whites, let our newest eyelet offering be a serious contender.

Eyelet, a classic embroidery fabric, never goes out of style and makes for an easy staple. Our eyelet is made in the U.S., hails from the Garden State and produced by a family-owned business. So that’s a little history on our eyelet, but what’s its future? In your closet, of course! However, if you are on the fence because you aren’t sure of the how and where to wear. I have a few ideas…

The eyelet button-front cami is a sweet and simple wear-outside style that looks great with jeans and a layered sweater. Also, as temperatures rise, you can lose the sweater for a cool and crisp look and show off those bare arms (the ones we’ve been toning all winter long, right? Haha, no).

Hanky Panky Eyelet Button-Front Cami

Eyelet Button-Front Cami

For a more bohemian look that you can take around town on a Sunday afternoon, try the eyelet off-the-shoulder top. Make it a cute, yet bold outfit with a ruffled maxi skirt. If you want to go more casual, pair with denim shorts and your favorite sandals or low top sneakers. You can take it on spring break with you!

Hanky Panky Eyelet Off-The-Shoulder Top

Eyelet Off-The-Shoulder Top

Lastly, the eyelet babydoll or a bralette and bikini combo offers another bridal option for the season that is a little more relaxed with the cotton feel. Bring along for the honeymoon with any other goodies from our bridal collection.

Hanky Panky Eyelet Babydoll, Bralette and Bikini

Eyelet Babydoll with G-String, Bralette and Bikini


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Hanky Panky x Zkano

Hanky Panky x Zkano Chalk Stripe Thong, Organic Cotton Socks, BraletteYou know what we love? Comfort. After all, we are the people responsible for “The World’s Most Comfortable Thong®.” We also love goods that are organic, ethically and locally sourced, and work hard to create product for our wonderful customers that incorporates our values. Thus, we are very excited to announce our latest collaboration with Zkano Socks: Hanky Panky x Zkano!

Based in Alabama, Zkano has made a name for itself producing American-made, organic cotton socks since 2008. Bringing print and color to her family’s sock mill, Zkano’s founder, Gina Locklear has worked to breathe new life into a once-leading sock manufacturing industry in Fort Payne, Ala. In an era where much textile production has moved overseas and low costs often outweigh quality, Zkano’s story is a unique illustration of putting values before profit and understanding that the two are not mutually exclusive. This is why we are so proud to be a partner and introduce Hanky Panky x Zkano. When our two brands came together aesthetically and philosophically, the stars aligned—or, in this case, the stripes.

Hanky Panky x Zkano Striped Low Rise Thong & Organic Cotton Socks

Hanky Panky x Zkano Striped Low Rise Thong & Organic Cotton Socks

Our Zkano-made socks are a part of our new Chalk Stripe line for Spring 2017. The Chalk Stripe, a graphic asymmetrical stripe print of saturated pastels and black, comes in our classic styles (thongs and hipster) and are made of our signature lace. The collaboration crew socks are packaged in a set with your choice of a low rise or original rise thong. If you want to get matchy-matchy and add on a top, check out the bralette in the same print. So lounge around and get comfy ‘n’ cozy in our newest set, which will soon be your newest set!

Hanky Panky Chalk Stripe Bralette & Cheeky Hipster Panty

Chalk Stripe Bralette & Cheeky Hipster

To find out more about Zkano, read about them here. And shop the Chalk Stripe items in our New Arrivals section.





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How Will You Be Bold for International Women’s Day?


As much as we love to celebrate lingerie, we also love to celebrate the women who wear it. With tomorrow being International Women’s Day, we wanted to recognize the day and share ways to partake. Observed on March 8th each year, this day is meant to honor women’s political, social and economic achievement.

Thus, we felt it important to talk about International Women’s Day and how you can get involved. Events are scheduled to take place all around the world and range from marches, rallies and protests to community discussions, film screenings and women’s only brunches. The official webpage has a directory of events available by country with over 50 countries listed! Also, check if any local groups are planning events via discussion boards, official sites or social media groups.

If there isn’t an event scheduled in your area or you can’t attend one nearby, find your own way to honor the day. The theme for this year is #BeBoldForChange, so take a moment to reflect how you can be bold for change in your own way. It may be by:

  • volunteering in your community or a women’s shelter;
  • engaging on social media with the #BeBoldForChange hashtag and selfie cards;
  • and/or donating to a charity focused on the empowerment and advancement for women.
international women's day be bold for change selfie card

Sample Selfie Card

If you are unable to participate in IWD, March is Women’s History Month, so there will be events all month centered on female empowerment, progress and history. At Hanky Panky, we always try to be female positive.

Moreover, as a company dedicated to philanthropy, Hanky Panky and its founders continuously invest in improving the life of women globally. Organizations that we support include the Ms. Foundation for Women, the Girl Effect, FAIR Girls and many others. In 2012, Lida, our CEO, travelled to Rwanda and visited the hospitals that work with the International Organization for Women and Development, which you can read more about here.

Please visit our Philanthropy page to learn about groups and organizations we stand behind. Also, let us know how you will #BeBoldForChange on International Women’s Day by tweeting/instagramming us at @hankypankyltd!

-Carla, marching on


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Time for the Slip?

Hanky Panky Silky Skin A-Line Slip

Silky 36″ A-line Slip

Are Slips a Thing of Yore?

Don’t give slips the pink slip! They are as useful now as ever and our Hanky Panky Silky collection offers a wide array of the “overgarments” for your undermost undergarments.

Hanky Panky Silky 14” Fitted Half Slip with Lace and Silky 30” Convertible Slip

Silky 30” Convertible Slip and Fitted Half Slip

I, too, thought that dress slips were for my mother’s generation. That was until, Gale, our creative director, pointed out what a wonderful job her slip was doing from keeping her plaid dress from clinging to her leggings. And then it hit me—a light bulb moment! Memories of abandoned skirts, dresses avoided during certain seasons, bulges of fabric from static, and awkward windy moments flew past. A slip, with its body-contouring coverage, forgiving smoothness, would have been the perfect answer to the sartorial hardships I have endured.

So What Can a Slip Do for You?

Hanky Panky Fitted Slip with Lace Plus Size

Fitted Slip With Lace

VPLs (visible panty lines) are often thought of as the practical need for slip. However, if a VPL isn’t a concern of yours, there are many other reasons to consider adding a slip into your wardrobe staples. First, slips are great to wear as a layering piece with thin garments to prevent underwear from showing through your clothes. They also add an extra layer for warmth and make for a handy transitional accessory when you want to take a summer dress into the early fall with you.

Additionally, they prevent from chaffing. So add an extra layer between you and that scratchy wool dress that’s been sitting in the back of your closet and you are good to go! And if you are tired of fabric bunching and static, our Silky slip is here to the rescue.

Show More Skin—Silky Skin, That Is

Lastly, slips are for the fashionable, just as much the practical. Like many of our other pieces, you can wear your slip out as a part of your ensemble. Take a nod from the runway shows and pair your slip with a cardigan or blazer, or wear under a sheer skirt or blouse.


From Left: Dolce & Gabana SS16, Katie Gallagher SS17, Dolce & Gabana AW17, Sharon Wauchob SS16 Photos ©WGSN

Or bring your slip all the way out and over a t-shirt.

Rebecca Minkoff Spring/Summer 17

Rebecca Minkoff SS17 Photo ©WGSN

Regardless of how you wear your slip, the important thing to remember is slips are a wardrobe essential.

-Carla, slipping up

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Cheeky Bridal Gifts…

Hanky Panky Bridal Collection Elizabeth Bralette and Keyhole Bikini

Spring 2017 Bridal Collection

Dum dum da dum… Wedding season is here! Whether you are a bride, groom or one of the many people who take part into seeing the happy couple off into wedded bliss, the planning, gifting and coordinating can be hectic. And you may forget about the most fun part—that’s where we come in to cover your assets in the intimate apparel arena.

You don’t even have to worry about putting the look together, just shop our bridal and bridal plus boutiques! My top picks right now are the Retro Lace bralette and thong set. We love the vintage feel of the thong, which from the front recalls a 1950s high-waist brief with a revealing twist at the back; and the adorable baby blue trim adds sweetness.

Hanky Panky Retro Lace Bralette and Thong from Bridal Collection

Retro Lace Bralette and Thong

The Alexandra collection is such a favorite that it’s hard to choose the best piece. However, I would place my bet on the Alexandra crop cami and tap pant, layered with the matching lace robe.

Hanky Panky Alexandra Lace Crop Cami and Tap Pant from Bridal Collection

Alexandra Lace Crop Cami and Tap Pant

If you are looking for a gift for your bridal party, consider heading over to our personalization shop. There, you can choose from an assortment of thongs and panties in a plethora of colors to customize. Share your love and appreciation with our crystalized styles to lighten up what can be a stressful, yet exciting time. These are a fun gift idea #fortheladies! #girlsclub #squadgoals

Hanky Panky Crystalized Thongs

Crystalized Thongs

And for some more cheeky options (#punintended), check out our Hanky Panky After Midnight collection. All the aforementioned boutiques offer fun, colorful and sexy options in plus sizes. #AllBodiesAreGoodBodies


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Time to Romp Around!

Nothing says spring is around the corner like our new playful and cozy romper! It’s been a while, but after a break, we are excited for this latest romper to broaden our sleepwear collection. The romper with accompanying sleep set and robe feature our cross-dyed lace trim in heather jersey.

Hanky Panky Heather Jersey Romper with cross dyed lace trim, available in wine and chambray

Heather Jersey Romper

All the new pieces can be mixed and matched with our other heather jersey and cross-dyed styles. Consider pairing the jersey kimono robe with cross-dyed boyshort and cami in chambray or switch out the sleep set bottom with the boyshorts for a more lacey, feminine feel.

Hanky Panky Heather Jersey Kimono Robe, Cross-Dyed Lace Cami and Boyshort

New Heather Jersey Kimono Robe matches back to Cross-Dyed Lace Cami and Boyshort

The soft jersey fabric and cross-dyed lace, which you can read more about here, provide stretch for added comfort. For a relaxed weekend look, pair the sleep set tank with jeans, our BARE bra and thong.

Hanky Panky Heather Jersey Sleep Set with BARE Lace T-Back Bralette and Eve Thong

Heather Jersey Sleep Set with BARE Lace T-Back Bralette and Eve Thong

If you have been all over the latest fashion trends, you know sleepwear is the new jeans and t-shirt look. But… if you aren’t quite ready to take that plunge yet, as stepping out in your PJs isn’t for everyone, we got you covered! This romper is a great transitional piece. Wear it around the house on a lazy Saturday afternoon or step out for brunch with friends. Regardless where you are or where you go, sport that care-free, just-got-out-of-bed look with this adorable romper.

For an additional touch of effortless chic, style with an open front cardigan or fringe kimono and combat boots or huarache sandals. And if you feel extra daring or plan on hitting la playa, throw on a fedora or panama hat.

Not only is our romper easy, comfy and cute, but it is also available only on Shop the collection here.


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Introducing Hanky Panky in the Studio

Hanky Panky in the Studio Mia Cropped High-Neck Bralette & Hipster

Mia High-Neck Bralette and Hipster in Granite/Black

Introducing Hanky Panky in the Studio, our newest active-inspired collection, which can take you from barre to brunch, and everywhere in-between.

Inspired by modern women’s desire for versatile, comfortable, and stylish intimates, the Hanky Panky in the Studio collection features luxurious Italian performance microfiber knits with wicking and quick-dry properties.

As always, every style is made with Hanky Panky’s unparalleled attention to fit and comfort. Silhouettes are perfect for everyday comfort and popular activities like Pilates, ballet barre, yoga, and other low-impact training.

Our V-neck, racerback tank and matching hipster are made from a innovative moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable. Available in Black, Cobalt, and Granite.

Mia Racerback Tank and Hipster in Cobalt/Black

We are launching the collection with Mia, color-blocked performance knit and mesh trimmed with bold black elastics. The ultra-lightweight performance knit wicks sweat and dries quickly, while the airy mesh keeps you cool.

The high-necked cropped bralette is perfect for keeping cleavage under wraps when doing yoga inversions or during spin class, and the oversized back keyhole ventilates while giving you freedom of movement. The padded triangle bralette offers coverage and subtle shaping to smaller figures, while the racerback keeps straps in place during activities like weightlifting.

The racerback tank is cut extra-long to keep you covered. The two-tone thong gives a smooth, invisible look under your leggings or yoga pants. The mesh-back hipster is designed with a low leg that stays put during all kinds of activities.

Hanky Panky in the Studio Mia Padded Bralette & Two-Tone Thong in Black

Mia Padded Bralette & Two-Tone Thong

So, are you ready for a little Hanky Panky in the Studio?


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Holiday Magic from Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky's Holiday Magic

Hanky Panky’s Winter holiday collection is full of holiday magic. The color palette is rich and regal. Signature Lace colors include Passionate Pink, Bali Blue, Holly Green, Red, Royal Purple, and Blossom Pink. The Cross-dyed Signature Lace colors are Red/Lip Gloss and Black/Granite.

Our new seasonal prints include Snowflake, white flakes on a blue ground, Golden Leopard, a metallic leopard print on sand-colored lace, Rose Red, botanical roses on white lace, Buffalo Check, classic black plaid on festive red lace, and Parfumerie, a kitschy perfume bottle print on soft jersey knit. New groups include Rose D’Or, golden roses on black lace and Rose Appliqué, red embroidery on black mesh.

Explore some of the inspiration behind our collection on Pinterest.




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Perfect Hanukkah Gifts from Hanky Panky

Start your Hanukkah shopping with these lovely picks from Hanky Panky’s Holiday 2016 collection. Hanukkah begins at sundown on Saturday, December 24th this year, so there’s still plenty of time.

Hanky Panky Multipacks in Shades of Blue make great Hanukkah gifts

Multi-packs in shades of blue and silver make great Hanukkah gifts

Great things come in threes, like our lace thong multi-packs in shades of blue and silver, some with shimmering winter-themed crystal motifs to take your through the Hanukkah season and beyond.

Hanky Panky Snowflake Print Lingerie is the perfect Hanukkah gift

Flurries of snowflakes on lovely blue lace

Our winter-y snowflake print in shades of blue and white is the choice for the festival of lights.

Our Soft Supima® Cotton Pajamas are available in Forget Me Not Blue and White makes great Hanukkah gifts

Our Soft Supima® Cotton Pajamas are available in Forget-Me-Not Blue and White

Our Supima® cotton PJs are super-soft and incredibly comfy, even after eating one too many latkes.

The Keepsake Gift Card. Choose an amount, from $25 to $500. Perfect one-size-fits-all Hanukkah gifts

The Keepsake Gift Card. Choose an amount, from $25 to $500.

Or, if you just can’t decide, a gift card is always the Perfect Gift.


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