Guest Post: Unbound x Hanky Panky After Midnight Giveaway

Happy Halloween from your friends at Hanky Panky After Midnight® and Unbound. To celebrate, we’re doing a little trick or treating ourselves—drop your email into our cauldron and be entered for your chance to win a deluxe Halloween box from Unbound filled with treats to be enjoyed during the witching hour.

Unbound gold classic handcuffs
First up, we have our Unbound gold-plated classic handcuffs. While they seem made for a sexy cop costume, these bad boys can go year round as an edgy bangle set.


This faux-leather choker is perfect for a catwoman look or giving a regular Friday night outfit a little extra boost. Whether your Friday night look is lingerie or a cocktail dress is up to you.

GOOD CLEAN LOVE Almost Naked LubricantBabe, hold up. You don’t need a love potion when we’ve got Good Clean Love for you. It’s the best water based lube out there.

JE JOUE G-Kii An adjustable g-spot vibrator
This G-Kii is the ultimate treat—100% body safe and is great paired with Good Clean Love and an open thong from Hanky Panky After Midnight®. Witches—you’ll be trading in your broomstick in no time at all.

Hanky Panky After Midnight Open Thongs

Unbound is a rebellious sexual health and wellness brand helping women around the world own their O. Shop now at

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Well-Suited: Our favorite Bodysuits.

I hereby declare Fall/Winter 2017/2018 the Season of the Bodysuit. After years of increasing acceptance, more and more women have realized that bodysuits are a wardrobe must-have—the perfect base to build your outfit upon. With the rise (ha!) of the fashionable waistline to above the natural waist, high-waist jeans, trousers, and skirts cry out for an effortless layer to wear comfortably, securely, and smoothly tucked into all those waistbands. And once cooler weather rolls around, nothing is cozier than a bodysuit under your layers.

Without further ado, here are a few of our favorite bodysuits, both trendy and classic.

Hanky Panky Odette Lace Bodysuits

Odette Lace Long Sleeve Bodysuit

The Odette Lace long sleeved bodysuit is fit for a queen (or her evil twin). Our silky smooth Italian BARE fabric is combined with luxurious Chantilly-style stretch lace, made in Japan. Wear with a pencil skirt or trousers and a jacket for a sophisticated daytime look, or pair with a ball skirt for a gala event. Available in sizes S to L.

Hanky Panky Sophia Lace Bodysuits

Sophia Lace Bodysuit in Dark Dahlia

Our chic Sophia lace bodysuit is the best of both worlds. Lined in soft stretch tulle, the bottom easily tucks into trousers or a high waist skirt, while the pretty scalloped lace sits outside. Available in Dark Dahlia (shown) or black, in sizes S to L.

Hanky Panky Panne Velvet Bodysuit

Panne Velvet Bodysuit

Our soft stretch panne velvet bodysuit is pure sophistication. The boat neckline and half sleeves are flattering and elegant. Looks equally fabulous with jeans or a skirt in lace or tulle. Available in black (shown) or pink, in sizes S to L.

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Short Sleeve Bodysuits

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Short Sleeve Bodysuit

Our short sleeved signature lace bodysuit has a flattering sweetheart-shaped front lining, and looks great with jeans. Available in sizes S to L.

Hanky Panky Odette Lace Blouson Bodysuits

Odette Lace Blouson Bodysuit

Our Odette Lace blouson bodysuit features a taupe front lining, adjustable straps, and a smooth BARE microfiber brief. This bodysuit is perfect under high waist trousers or jeans, or with a pencil skirt. Available in sizes S to L.

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Plus Size Classic Bodysuits

Signature Lace Plus Size Classic Bodysuit

Our Signature Lace Classic Bodysuit has wide, bra-friendly straps and the perfect scoop neckline silhouette. This is the perfect base layer under a sheer blouse or low-cut top and works with jeans or just about any skirt or trouser silhouette. Available in black, island blue, or white, in sizes 1X to 3X.

So, which is your favorite look for Fall?

-Larissa, Senior Designer

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Hanky Panky + Keith Haring

©Keith Haring Foundation, Licensed by Artestar, New York

I fell for the work of Keith Haring INSTANTLY in the early 90s on a visit to the Queens Museum with my Mom. She observed my CONSTANT doodling and thought I would enjoy his art. Thus began my love affair with the most brilliant doodler EVER, Mr. Keith Haring!

Here are just a few of the reasons I’m a Keith Haring SUPERFAN:

  1. I still have pins from his Lafayette St. POP SHOP that I purchased on a trip in High School!
  2. I collect ALL his polo and t-shirt collaborations from Uniqlo!
  3. I found the most gorgeous smelling red “Running Heart” candle from one of my fave stores to shop for gifts, Maison 24! After the candle was done, I washed it out and it’s now an adorable pen cup on my desk.
  4.  I snuck into the infamous ARENA party at the PALLADIUM NIGHTCLUB (now an NYU Dorm) when I was 17 to see his amazing mural on the dance floor! It was MAGNIFICENT! (Sorry Mom!)

This collection is my favorite for Hanky Panky to date! The combination of my MOST favorite artist and my FAB employer resulted in true LACE LOVE. Our thongs, boyshorts and camisoles emblazoned with Haring’s iconic HEART print were such a delight to style at our photoshoot. I hope my styling did Mr. Haring justice—a small tribute to a man who inspired my career!

Hanky Panky + Keith Haring. ©Keith Haring Foundation, Licensed by Artestar, New York

©Keith Haring Foundation, Licensed by Artestar, New York

-JD, Director of Branding & Communications

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Let’s Talk: Breast Cancer and the Pink Agenda

Marisa Lee Bolssen

Marisa Lee Bolssen

It’s October! The weather is changing, the leaves are turning and this month we support and recognize those battling breast cancer. Breast cancer affects the lives of many. There have been some great advancements in the research and search for a cure but there is much more to be done. Every 2 minutes someone is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Hanky Panky continues to be a proud supporter of The Pink Agenda. We are happy to celebrate their 10 years of Raising Money, Raising Awareness and Raising Hell.

Marisa Lee Bolssen, one of the founders of The Pink Agenda was kind enough to give us a little insight into what the organization is all about.

How did The Pink Agenda come about?

When I was 22 and about to graduate from college my Mom, who had MS at the time, suddenly became very ill. A few months into her illness we learned she had Stage 4 breast cancer and the pain she was in was due to the cancer having traveled to her bones. It was devastating. I took a year off after college to help my parents manage her diagnosis and then moved in NYC in 2006. One night after an episode of Gray’s Anatomy where they showed what someone’s insides look like from cancer, I knew I need ed to do something. I’ve always been good at throwing parties and told some friends I thought we should throw a party for breast cancer. Thankfully, they all agreed and the rest is history. We were barely 24 at the time and our ignorance definitely worked to our advantage!

Marisa Lee Bolssen & her mother at The Pink Agenda's first gala, 10 years ago

Marisa Lee Bolssen & her mother at The Pink Agenda’s first gala, 10 years ago

What is its mission?

The mission of The Pink Agenda is to engage a new generation of philanthropists in the fight against breast cancer. We work to ensure that fun and philanthropy are not mutually exclusive and our events are accessible to a younger demographic. We believe raising money and awareness about breast cancer from this demographic is the best way to guarantee we see a cure in our lifetime.

You take a more fun approach to charity events, why is that?

We were young when we started and we knew young people wanted to have fun. Why not have fun with us, for a good cause? If you’re going to go out and spend money anyway, at least now your Friday hangover will have a good deed attached to it!

How do people get involved with The Pink Agenda?

Currently, the organization has events in NYC, Atlanta, Boston, and DC that folks can participate in and if interested there are local leadership councils in each city that folks can join as well. If you don’t live in one of those cities and want to fundraise in your area, you can visit We also always accept donations and folks can contribute here:

Where does the money go and who does it help?

Our funds primarily support breast cancer research through a special partnership with the world’s premier breast cancer research entity, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. To date, The Pink Agenda has raised over $2 million for breast cancer research. Additionally, through a partnership with Giuliana Rancic, each year we grant a number of wishes for women battling breast cancer through her FAB-U-WISH program.

I know you lost your mother at a young age. What advice do you have for anyone going through that right now?

That’s a tough one. First, figure out what you need to do to have no regrets when you do lose your mother. I felt like I did everything I could have for her when she was alive and I ensured she died the way that she wanted to. Those two things gave me a lot of peace after she died. Second, I would say try to sort through what you need as you’re dealing with a dying parent and afterward. I don’t think I was mature enough at the time to realize how damaged I was from losing my mother at a young age. It takes a lot to come out on the other side whole, so try to figure out what things will help you heal.

Marisa Lee Bolssen & her mother

Marisa Lee Bolssen & her mother

So the gala…what’s your favorite part? Mine is the bidding because people get so passionate about it and of course I get to see you. 😁

 My favorite part of the gala by far is getting to give out an award with my mom’s name on it. Because she’s dead I don’t even see her name anymore so getting to see it on a plaque and give it to someone who is doing work that makes them worthy of honoring feels pretty great.

The Pink Agenda is in alliance with BCRF and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute‘s Program for Young Women with Breast Cancer. Please take a moment this month, visit The Pink Agenda and show your support.

The 10 year anniversary gala will be held this Thursday, October 5, 2017 in New York City. Tickets are still available.

-Stephanie, Visual, Social and Philanthropy Coordinator

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Let’s Talk: Hurricane Relief

Pink Lace Heart

Let’s Talk

We have all seen the devastation from the recent hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria that affected Houston, Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Many of us have family, friends or acquaintances who have been affected by these storms. The need for help is extraordinary, but many of us aren’t sure how or what is the best way to assist. So today, Let’s Talk charity and the “right way” to give.

Giving is a great gesture of the heart and always appreciated in any form. These storms and other natural disasters have left many people looking for a way to start over. The overwhelming outpouring of generosity is outstanding.

“But how do I help?”

“Does my donation even make a difference?”

Which charity should I give to?”


Charities have a huge responsibility to do what is right with your donation and to those they have committed to helping. Take time to find a few charities and research their programs and services section of their website. If you are looking for a charity that is currently on the ground in Houston check out Bread of Life. They are currently working with the BeyGood Houston (yup that’s right, Houston’s own Beyoncé) to get much needed supplies to people fast. In their own words they “move people from crisis back to recovery.” You can reach out to Bread of Life and adopt a family or visit In Florida? Please visit The Miami Foundation to see a list of reputable charities in need of supplies and volunteers.

Also consider the American Red Cross. They help with the long-term rebuilding and help the people of Texas, Florida, and elsewhere. They are the first to any major disaster and their team works diligently to help people get back on their feet. Another great charity is the National Diaper Bank Network. Diaper banks supply much-needed hygiene items to families. If you are in the Texas area and wish to volunteer at their local diaper bank, check out their Instagram page for  more details.

While many charities are not currently accepting in-kind donations such as clothing, that doesn’t mean that you can’t ever give away a few quality, gently-used items. Check out soles4souls, a charity we support. They are taking supplies and have a location section so you know where to drop off your new or gently-used shoes.

Just remember that the current freeze on such donations is temporary, as processing donated items requires a lot of human-power, which is currently best utilized in other ways. These organizations will need to sort out and figure out what they can and cannot use over time.

When donating clothes, think about the area, its climate and what would be most useful. Heavy winter coats will not be the best item to donate to hot climates, like Miami. Donate those items to your local shelter or coat drive. That bridesmaid dress in neon green might not be the best choice to send to a disaster area—wait for a prom dress drive in your community. Be mindful and be fair.

Monetary donations are always appreciated, as the organizations use the funds to help others in the most efficient way possible, as well as provide supplies for volunteers.

Did you know that you can request how your funds are allocated? If you would like your money to support teens or senior citizens, all you have to do is ask! Any amount you choose to give is just right, and appreciated. Before donating money, check out Charity Navigator to see how your charity choice stacks up again the rest. On Charity Navigator you can see how the charity ranks against others, review tax filing and view their accountability and transparency performance. Know where your money is going!

When reviewing a charity’s financial statements, remember that higher staff salaries are not necessarily a bad thing. In order for nonprofits to run efficiently and achieve their goals, they need to attract the best talent (and like everyone else, non-profit employees have bills to pay and deserve to be fairly compensated for their labor.)

We want to express our profound concern for all affected by this year’s hurricanes. They are and will continue to be in our thoughts during this difficult time.


*Hanky Panky is a proud supporter of The American Red Cross and Soles4Souls. It is through you, our customers that we are able to provide relief in this time of need.

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New Arrivals for Fall 2017 in Plus Sizes

We are so happy to introduce new styles, prints and colors in our Plus Size collection for Fall 2017.

Hanky Panky x Dallas Shaw

Hanky Panky x Dallas Shaw Camisole & Retro Thong

For our recent collaboration with fashion illustrator and lifestyle blogger Dallas Shaw, the collection includes our pretty strappy v-neck camisole (available in sizes 1x to 3X) and best-selling retro thong (one size to fit sizes 14-24) in a charming lingerie watercolor print.

Cross-Dyed Lace

Hanky Panky Plus Size Cross-Dyed Retro Lace Thong in Taupe-Vanilla and Navy-Perfect Pink

Cross-Dyed Retro Lace Thong in Taupe-Vanilla and Navy-Perfect Pink

Our beautiful cross-dyed lace has gone retro! Now our ultra-comfy retro thong is available in a gorgeous floral cross-dyed version of our lace.

Hanky Panky Plus Size Cross-Dyed Signature Lace Chemise in Navy-Perfect Pink

Cross-Dyed Signature Lace Chemise in Navy-Perfect Pink

Our gorgeous cross-dyed signature lace chemise is available in sizes 1X to 3X in 8 beautiful color combinations, including Navy-Perfect Pink.


We’re very excited to introduce our wildly popular retro lace thong in 4 brand new prints for Fall 2017. We’re also offering our retro V-kini in 2 fabulous prints this season.

Hanky Panky Moody Blooms Retro Thong and Long Sleeve Signature Lace Top

Moody Blooms Retro Thong and Long Sleeve Signature Lace Top

We’re pleased to offer our Retro Thong and Retro V-kini in Moody Blooms, a trendy dark-ground floral print for Fall 2017. Shown with our versatile and elegant Signature Lace Long Sleeved Top.

Hanky Panky Sophisticat Retro V-kini

Sophisticat Retro V-kini

Sophisticat, our updated leopard print is available in our Retro Thong and Retro V-Kini.

Hanky Panky Fiery Floral Plus Size Retro Thong

Fiery Floral Plus Size Retro Thong

Our sizzling Fiery Floral Retro Thong is red hot!

Hanky Panky Mysterious Feline Plus Size Retro Thong

Mysterious Feline Plus Size Retro Thong

The Mysterious Feline Retro Thong is subtle, but not subdued, and looks great under denim.

Signature Lace

Hanky Panky Fall 2017 Retro & Signature Lace

Our Fall 2017 Signature Lace Color Assortment

Our new Signature Lace fashion colors for Fall 2017 are Storm Cloud Blue, Dark Dahlia, and Moodstone Green.

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Camisole & Boyshort in Storm Cloud Blue

Signature Lace Camisole & Boyshort in Storm Cloud Blue

Our Storm Cloud Blue is a versatile mid-tone blue that looks great with jeans. Available in our Signature Lace Camisole and Boyshort.

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Chemise in Dark Dahlia

Signature Lace Chemise in Dark Dahlia

Dark Dahlia is our rich new wine color for Fall 2017. Available in our Signature Lace CamisoleChemiseBoyshort, French Brief, Retro Thong, and Retro V-Kini.

Hanky Panky Moodstone Green Plus Size Retro V-Kini

Moodstone Green Plus Size Retro V-Kini

And last but not least, our gorgeous Moodstone Green is available in our BoyshortRetro Thong, and Retro V-Kini.

So, who else is excited to shop for Fall 2017?

-Larissa, Senior Designer

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Hanky Panky Loves Lord & Taylor!

Hanky Panky's 40th Anniversary @ Lord & Taylor NYC

Hanky Panky’s 40th Anniversary Party at Lord & Taylor NYC

This past Thursday, September 7th, Hanky Panky celebrated our 40th birthday at Lord & Taylor’s 5th Avenue flagship, the store that received our very first wholesale delivery in 1977 (which Hanky Panky CEO Lida Orzeck hand-delivered to their loading dock—from the trunk of her car!) This time around, Lida and Gale entered through the front door!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The party featured light bites and refreshing drinks, mini-makeovers compliments of Clinique, a foxtales digital photo booth and our signature DIY customization bar, where guests could choose bits and baubles to have sewn to their purchase by Luis, Hanky Panky’s Sample Room Manager.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A wonderful time was had by all!

-Larissa, Senior Designer

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Hanky Panky x Dallas Shaw

Hanky Panky x Dallas Shaw lingerie collection

Hanky Panky x Dallas Shaw

I’ve been a fan of Dallas Shaw’s work for a while and love seeing all the fun collaborations she’s worked on with everyone from Christian Louboutin to Disney and now HANKY PANKY!

I’m proud to say that for our 40th anniversary, we had the opportunity to work with her on a gorgeous watercolor illustration featuring an assortment of Hanky Panky’s pretty little panties and sleepwear. Her illustrations were turned into an adorable print on our signature lace, retro lace and chiffon. The lingerie bag is also adorable to travel with if you have any Fall getaways planned! I recently had the chance to catch up with Dallas Shaw right before New York Fashion Week and get to know her a little better.

Dallas Shaw painting portraits at The Story + Rain Lounge at Hanky Panky's 40th Anniversary celebration at the West Edge on the High Line. ©Benjamin Lozovsky,

Dallas Shaw painting portraits at The Story + Rain Lounge at Hanky Panky’s 40th Anniversary celebration at the West Edge on the High Line. ©Benjamin Lozovsky,

For our readers that are not familiar with your work, how would you describe yourself in a few sentences?

I’m a fashion illustrator, author, visual consultant, speaker, boss and occasionally a tv host.

What attracted you to collaborating with Hanky Panky?

I love iconic brands and there is no other cult following quite like Hanky Panky.

Were you a Hanky Panky fan beforehand? If so, what is your favorite styles?

Yes – isn’t everyone ? I like everything with a v-cut and the bralettes are a must have.

What is your favorite piece in the Hanky Panky x Dallas Shaw Collection and why?

The [chiffon] camisole. It’s sweet and short and it bells out at the bottom making it look floaty and feminine when worn.

What inspired the illustration used for this print?

We talked at length about ideas and circled back to candy colored lingerie, because of the the 40th anniversary print. We all wanted something colorful and flirty- and that is essentially what Hanky Panky does best!

What is another memorable project/collaboration that you have done and what made that unique?

I’m currently the illustrator for St. Regis in Kauai. It’s so wonderful spending time in Hawaii and illustrating beautiful wedding moments.

It was great to see you at our 40th Anniversary party! What was your favorite moment/any highlights you would like to share?

I had an absolute blast attending and sketching up some illustrations for guests. The line was so long that they shut the lights down on us!! It was super flattering and fun. It was also the first time I saw the collection in person, so seeing the artwork on the models was the best part for me. I always hold onto moments like that.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Isn’t she just the cutest? This project was definitely a winning combination and so fun to style for the look book! Check out the collection and enter our giveaway—I’m sure you’ll fall in love with her work, too!

-JD, Director of Visual & Branding

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Let’s Talk: Ovarian Cancer

Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk is an awareness portion of our blog. Not only do we like to talk about pretty panties, great fit and amazing lace but we also want to keep you informed about things you need to know. Don’t be shy, we are all human beings. So, let’s talk about Ovarian Cancer.

Know the Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer: Bloating, Difficulty Eating, Pelvic/Abdominal Pain, and Urinary Frequency.

Know the Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer: Bloating, Difficulty Eating, Pelvic/Abdominal Pain, and Urinary Frequency. (Graphic courtesy of  OCRFA)

It’s Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Here are facts about this cancer and what you can do to not only protect yourself but be a helpful hand in the research and cure of the disease.*

• 200,000 women in the US are currently living with Ovarian Cancer
• It is one of the deadliest cancers for women
• There is no early detection test, so most cases are diagnosed when the disease is advanced

*All facts provided by OCRFA

What you can do:

Please visit Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance, the largest Ovarian cancer research advocacy and patient support organization in the world. Since 1998 they have funded $75 million in private research at leading medical institutions and fought on Capitol Hill to help secure $2.2 billion in federal funding for ovarian cancer research and awareness. Visit them to learn your risk, symptoms and how you get involved. Perhaps this information could save your life or the life of a loved one.

Hanky Panky is proud supporter of the OCRFA through its efforts at Super Saturday.

Show your support by wearing teal this month.



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National Dog Day: The Dogs of Hanky Panky

Did you know? Saturday, August 26th is National Dog Day! To celebrate, we’re going to feature a few of the adorable pups that the Hanky Panky team shares their lives with.

Henree and Lida on sofa

Henree & Lida

If you’re a regular reader of this blog (or visitor to Hanky Panky’s Headquarters) you already know Henree, Hanky Panky’s Chairman (sic) of the Board. Hanky Panky co-founder and CEO Lida Orzeck adopted Henree from a poodle rescue 12 1/2 years ago. She is a fixture in the Hanky Panky office, has guest-starred in Patrick McDonnell’s Mutts comic, recently made her Times Square jumbotron debut and celebrated her 15th birthday in June. This is a typical tableau from the end of a Hanky Panky workday for Henree and Lida.

Donatella, JD's Dog


Meet Donatella, a recent addition to our Director of Visual & Branding, JD’s family. She’s a Yorkie hailing from Milan via Lawn Guyland and currently teething like crazy! Big toes and noses are her favorite things to gnaw on so far!

Aiko, Jensine's Dog


Meet Aiko, who belongs to Jensine in the product development department. Aiko is an adorable 3-year-old Chihuahua-Yorkie mix who is fully grown at 12 pounds. “Aiko” is a Japanese name, which loosely translated means “little love” or “beloved child.”

Judy's Dogs, Murphy & Morgan

Murphy & Morgan

Murphy and Morgan are 8 year old Black & White Springer Spaniels who live with Judy Stewart, our Executive Business Consultant, on a lake in Stamford, CT. They LOVE to jump into the pool, cuddle with all guests and give Judy slurppy kisses when she gets home from work! They are sister and brother and often can be found snuggling together on their favorite chair.

Lacey's dog Opal


Opal is a seven-year-old Chihuahua intern Lacey adopted last month from PupStarz Rescue. Says Lacey, “We originally intended on fostering her—but within 24 hours, we were in love! Opal loves to cuddle, hide under towels, and lick faces. She truly is the perfect dog, and our lives wouldn’t be the same without her.”

Lisa's Dog George Michael

George Michael

George Michael is a Puggle who belongs to Lisa in the Purchasing Department. Lisa says, “He loves the beach, running around in the yard and his favorite food – steak.”

Rachel's Siberian Husky, Luke


Luke is an 11 year old Siberian Husky who belongs to Rachel in the Export Department. He loves the New York snow, even though he was originally a rescue from Florida. Says Rachel, “He has been a kept man ever since he wound up on my doorstep when he was 4 years old.”

Sadiya's dog Buddy.


Meet Buddy, a “Shorkie” (a Yorkie-Shih Tzu mix) that belongs to Sadiya in the Sales Department. Sadiya got him in Miami when he was 2 months old, and he was the runt of his family. According to Sadiya, “Buddy loves anything soft (blanket, carpet, etc.) and air conditioning. He has a lot of attitude, and really thinks he is a big dog. He is super-duper energetic, requires a lot of attention, and loves playing ball. Buddy also loves dressing up. He is a mamma’s-boy. I give him a Greenie every morning, and if I forget to give him one, he starts to whine until he gets it, like literally whine and run to the greenie box. We have to spell certain words, for example, W-A-L-K. If we say the word ‘’walk’’, then he runs to where all his clothes and leash are stored, and then starts to whine, because he thinks you are taking him for a walk.”

Sarah's Dog Hank


This is Hank, a handsome boxer who belongs to Sarah, in the accounting and financial department.  Says  Sarah, “He is wild yet loving, and likes to pose for pictures.”  Perhaps Hank should consider a modeling career?

Walter's Yorkie Lily


Meet Lily, a glamorous 1 year old “Chorkie” (Chihuahua-Yorkie mix) who belongs to Walter from the Trim Department in our Queens Warehouse. Lily is very chatty and says, “Hi! My name is Lily! I am very playful, but also very protective. I love to play tag, and my favorite food is vanilla ice cream. I love my family, and they love me too!”

Yvonne's Dogs Charlotte & Bandit

Charlotte & Bandit

Yvonne from the Sales Department has two adorable Jack Russell terriers, Charlotte and Bandit. Bandit will be 8 in October, and Charlotte is a little over a year old. Despite the age difference, they’re very good friends. Charlotte had a challenging start in life, as a very energetic puppy living in a small room in the Bronx for her first 7 months. Then Yvonne adopted her and brought her to the wide open spaces of Westchester County. Says Yvonne, “They are truly great dogs and love it when I come home in the evening. I cannot imagine my life without them.”

Gisel & Coco

Gisel & Coco

Introducing Gisel and Coco, who belong to Richard, our Operations Executive. Gisel (left) is a poodle mix and “runs the house,” according to Richard. Coco is a German Shepard, shares a birthday with Richard, and is “the sweetest girl you ever met.” Both dogs are seven years old. (Richard is not.)

Bella's Pug Charlotte enjoying a slice


This is Charlotte, who belongs to Bella in the sales department. Charlotte is a 13 year old pug and loves a good slice of ‘za!

Shannerri's dog Toto


Meet Toto, who belongs to Shannerri in the Customer Service department. Toto is very playful, loves all dogs (even the ones who want to eat him) and is scared of big trucks. Shannerri explains, “This is the face he makes when he can’t have what you’re eating.”

Tanya's dog, Tori


This is Tori, who belongs to Tanya, Hanky Panky’s Showroom Coordinator. Says Tanya, “On the weekends, my husband (Alan) takes Tori all over the neighborhood, in his coat. They have breakfast and run errands. He said that he has noticed that most of the people in the neighborhood are very religious because when they see him and Tori they inevitably say; “Oh My God!”. Yes, she is that cute!”

Luis's dog Harry Marenco


Meet Harry the dachshund. Harry is 11 years old and was adopted in 2007 by Luis, Hanky Panky’s Sample Room Manager, after his family reluctantly gave him up due to changes in their life circumstances. Harry is originally from Queens, and moved to Brooklyn in 2007. Harry is a jet-setting pup and travels frequently to Miami and has even traveled internationally to Central America! Like many dachshunds, Harry is VERY vocal when he wants something, and is relentless until he gets his way. His hobbies include riding in his favorite carrier bag, ‘counting’ his toys to make sure they’re all there, barking for treats, and sleeping.

Harry is also a survivor: a few years ago, he had an acute pancreatitis attack, and now lives with diabetes. However, he has not lost one bit of his spunk–Harry is as spirited (and vocal) as when he was a youngster.

Symba having a ball


And last, but not least, here’s Symba having a ball! (Literally!) Symba belongs to Bernaldo, Hanky Panky’s Executive Plant and Production Manager.

If you need more puppy love, and know that you have the space, time, and means to bring a dog into your life, why not take a trip to your local shelter and adopt a new best friend this National Dog Day?


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