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Thong Diary

I just received my order today, and wanted to share the gratitude and joy that your lovely lingerie brings to my life.

As a baker, my work schedule consists of very early mornings (many would consider it the middle of the night) and very physical work, which leaves little time to work on my feminine appearance: no makeup, hair thrown back, jeans and t-shirt.

To compensate, my underwear has always made me feel good, and it reminds me that I am still an attractive woman!

I have been a long time buyer of Hanky Panky thongs (my first pair dates back to 2000 and is still in great condition), but in the last year my collection has been a real source of pleasure during a very difficult time.

Last year my marriage completely fell apart. Nine years together, six years married, and over in three weeks flat. Done. Over. Out. Practically overnight I had to move, downgrade my car, my finances seemed shaky and I felt like a complete wreck. It was a kick in the self esteem department.

My love of baking, my small business, customers, friends, loving family and the wonderful community of fellow bakers and cooks in my city anchored me in this stormy period of my life. From this adversity came true inner strength, fortitude and perseverance. They say 40 is the age of transformation and boy do I know it!

During this time I also found comfort in buying myself new Hanky Panky undies. Maybe once a week or twice a month—whenever the mood strikes—I go pick up a pair here and there and then find a color or print I like for next time. My friends joke about my addiction. But my Hanky Panky thongs remind me that no matter how much someone has hurt me or rejected me, I know I am still special and I deserve love. Especially to myself from myself.

So last week I decided to order myself a treat for Valentine’s Day because you know, a newly single gal does not need to feel deprived on such a day!

I had never ever ordered online before…what a treat! I looked forward to my Hanky Panky order all week. When I received it today, it warmed my heart. When I opened my package, I saw that you hand pack every order with tissue and stickers. I love the care you put into your packaging and that you are conscious of minimal packaging and box size.

And did I mention the underwear itself? LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I find great pleasure in opening up my lingerie drawer. It feels like a jack-in-the-box bursting with beautiful prints and colors and new thongs for my new life. I look forward to sharing my life with someone else someday and he will also benefit from my collection too. But for now, I keep them just for me.

So I just wanted to say thank you.

I love Hanky Panky.

I love they are made in the USA.

I love how much integrity you put into your work. I love that they are made in New York. And I love how you make people’s lives all the richer with your wonderful products.

Can’t wait to order again!

Most Sincerely,

Sarah B.
Minneapolis, MN

Do you have a Hanky Panky story you’d like to share? Submit it to thongdiary@hankypanky.com. If it is featured in the diary, we will send you a complimentary gift!

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Goats, Don’t Forget Your Red Underwear Today

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

The Year of the Goat kicks off today, with fireworks, pageantry and celebrations across Asia and in Chinatowns around the world.

Chinese New Year 2015

2015 is the Year of the Goat

According to the South China Morning Post, the Chinese animal zodiac, or Shēngxiào, was an effort to simplify the sexagenary, or 60-year, “stem and branch” calendar system used by government officials during the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD).  Rather than recording history using 10 Heavenly Stems for years and 12 Earthly Branches for months, the zodiac is five cycles of 12 years each, with each of the 12 years denoted by a different animal: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. (Simpler? I don’t know. My head hurts. I need to Quantum Leap back to Ancient China for some remedial math lessons.)

Shēngxiào means “birth likeness,” which tells me that Susan Miller of AstrologyZone.com was not the first person to realize that the timing of our birth influences our character and lives. So, if you were born in 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 or 2015, let me tell you a little about yourself.

First, you are a goat. I’m sorry, but it’s true. We can’t all be dragons.

Second, this could be a hard year for you. Because you were born in a Year of the Goat in an earlier cycle, and it is the Year of the Goat in our current cycle, you’re all out of luck. Ben Ming Nian baby! To avoid financial ruin, divorce, and a lot of other bad stuff happening to you this year, you’ve got to maximize the few lucky breaks astrology has granted you:

  • If you play the Lotto, hit up numbers 2 and 7 hard,
  • Wait until August 7th or 30th to ask that sweetie out on a date (if she’s OOO in August, you have to wait until November, sorry),
  • Walk North at all times, every day, for the rest of the year, and
  • Wear red underwear, especially today, but if possible, everyday, preferably a different pair, preferably a red Hanky Panky thong, V-kini, bikini or boyshort.
Hanky Panky Signature Lace Low Rise Thong in Red. $20 on hankypanky.com.

If you are a Goat, this little slip of red lace could be the only thing standing between you and disaster this year. Hanky Panky Signature Lace Low Rise Thong in Red. $20 on hankypanky.com.


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Gal-entine’s Day

MET Costume Institute_Gift of Gale Epstein

The Metropolitan Museum of Art holds several gorgeous pieces of vintage Hanky Panky, including this bra and panty set from 1980, made from vintage handkerchiefs. Gale gave Lida a similar set as a birthday present, and a lasting and fruitful partnership was born.

Tomorrow is for celebrating the thrilling frission of romantic love. I am going to listen to Sam Cooke’s “Cupid” and reread my favorite passages in The Once and Future King (no one does the wounded lover pout like Guenever, or is as manly in defeat to love as Lancelot). But thanks to Amy Poehler and the brilliant gang on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, today is for honoring friendship among girls. Words of the day are “Hoes before Bros,” “ovaries before brovaries,” BFF and besties.

"Love and Friendship" by Emily Bronte

Framed reprint of Emily Brontë’s 1850 poem “Love and Friendship”. Available at Book Culture on 450 Columbus Avenue, NY, NY 10024.

Hanky Panky began with the friendship of our co-founders, Gale Epstein and Lida Orzeck. Gale and Lida met during their college years, and remained close after graduation. One year, Gale designed and sewed a bra and panty set to give to Lida as a birthday present, made from the vintage handkerchiefs that Gale was collecting at the time. Lida loved her present. Together, the friends decided that other women would also appreciate the styles, and they hit upon a winning name, “Hanky Panky.” Gale went back to her studio and expanded the two pieces to a collection, which Lida then sold to top lingerie departments and stores throughout New York City. Just like that, a star of American design and manufacturing was born. Today, Hanky Panky makes American-made and -sourced clothing that millions of women love to wear, in the process employing hundreds of local workers.


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Goblin Market – sisterly bond with fantasies, fears and underpinnings

Rossetti-golden head by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Rossetti-golden head by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (date unknown). Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

In our own Hudson Valley there is a very special performance at the Philipstown Depot Theatre, a darling, repurposed train station in Garrison, NY. This enchanting production of Goblin Market, a chamber musical adapted by Polly Pen and Peggy Harmon from the poem by Christina Rosetti, 1830-1894, sister of the pre-Raphaelite artist Dante Gabriel Rosetti, portrays the unique bond between sisters. Two stunning actresses, Maia Guest and Jenn Lee, bring this delightful piece to life, reciting and singing to music composed by Pen. In the Depot’s intimate setting, the performance is like a vintage music box come to life.

Goblin Market

Lizzie, played by Maia Guest (left), tries to tempt her more cautious sister Laura, played by Jenn Lee (right), with a forbidden fruit from the goblin market. Photograph courtesy of the Philipstown Depot Theatre.

A flashback of sorts, the young sisters share their fears and fantasies, loaded with erotic symbolism, of a traveling exotic fruit market run by menacing goblin men and life threatening, forbidden fruits. Stripped to their modest Victorian layers of chemise, bloomers, and corset, the effect is further charged.

“Golden head by golden head,/Like two pigeons in one nest/Folded in each other’s wings,/They lay down in their curtain’d bed:” (Christina Rossetti, “Goblin Market,” 1862.) Photograph courtesy of the Philipstown Depot Theatre.

As one of six sisters, I was so touched by the power of sisterly devotion this production conveyed. As co-founder of the lingerie company that cherishes and promotes the sharing nature of sisterhood, I loved the reinforcement of this message.

Philipstown Depot Theatre in Garrison, NY

The Depot Theatre is housed in the former Garrison train station, which was built in 1892-1893. The original train depot was featured in the film, “Hello Dolly” with Barbra Streisand.

-Gale Epstein | Creative Director & President

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It’s Not Just a Man’s Disease, says the American Heart Association

Today is National Wear Red Day, an effort by the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women® movement to raise awareness of the risk of heart disease and stroke in women.


Go Red For Women is a national movement by the American Heart Association to raise awareness of the risk of heart disease and stroke in women.

In 1970, the American Heart Association aired their first televised public service announcements about heart disease. Here is one of my favorites, a 30-second video on the domestic habits of Ed Smith, a rotund everyman, which are enabled by his well-intentioned, but uniformed, wife:

Ed Smith, home from another day of stress. So his wife serves him foods like cream soup, juicy roast beef, gravy, and deserts. Then she lights his cigarette and he’s all set. Set with a lifestyle that could lead to a heart attack.—Transcription of voice over. 

It’s not just the ’70s threads and decor that make this PSA seem dated—it’s the view of heart disease as a man’s problem. In this and other AHA PSAs of the same period, a woman’s role in the emerging movement against heart disease is to cook healthier food for your family, discourage smoking in the house, and collect money for the Heart Fund.

The AHA’s Go Red For Women® movement is trying to correct the common misconception that women are less likely than men to suffer a heart attack or stroke. According to a Go Red For Women fact sheet, 1 in 3 women dies of heart disease or stroke, and fewer women than men survive their first heart attack, in part because the symptoms of heart attack in women are different than they are in men and often misunderstood. Go For Red’s stroke guidelines say that 1 in 5 women has a stroke during her life, and offer advice on how to mitigate some stroke risk factors that are specific to women, including pregnancy, birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy.

I always thought romantic heartache was the biggest risk to my heart, but it seems that saturated and trans fats, salt, sugar, smoking and my couch-potato lifestyle can do me more harm than any guy.


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Inspiration Behind the Print: Red Rose

Red Rose Sheer Enchantment

Romance and sophistication meet in Red Rose. Shown here: Red Rose Sheer Enchantment Babydoll with G-String ($98). Available on hankypanky.com.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Hanky Panky brings you Red Rose, a new print for lace and mesh.

Red Rose is a modern take on a timeless symbol of romantic love. Unlike last summer’s Vintage Rose print, which had the softness of an oil painting, Red Rose has the crisp hyper-realism of a photograph. For me, Red Rose calls to mind the modernist floral photography of Imogen Cunningham (American, 1883-1976), Edward Steichen (American, 1879-1973), and Konrad Cramer (German, naturalized American, 1888-1963), except that those early photographs were black-and-white, and our print for fabric is flushed with red.

Rose Abstraction c. 1935 Konrad Cramer

Konrad Cramer, Rose Abstraction, 1935. The Marjorie and Leonard Vernon Collection, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles.

So when did the red rose become the emblem of l’amour?

Marilyn (with roses), 1962, Bert Stern

Bert Stern, Marilyn (1962).

Around 100 B.C., Bion of Phlossa near Smyrna, an Ancient Greek poet who felt the world was small enough to forego a last name, ascribed the birth of the red rose to the blood shed by Adonis, Aphrodite’s lover, after Adonis was fatally wounded in a boar hunt:

“[Aphrodite] weeps and Adonis bleeds, drop for drop, and the blood and tears become flowers upon the ground. Of the blood comes the rose, and of the tears the windflower [Anemone].”
The Bucolic Poets, trans. J.M. Edmonds. Loeb Classical Library, 1912.

1,300 or so years later, “Rose” was the name of the sought-after maiden in Le Roman de la Rose, an allegorical poem on the art of courtly love, which was an instant bestseller in medieval France. (Well, as “instant” as you can get when monks had to hand-write and illustrate each copy.)

Roman de la Rose

Roman de la Rose, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1864. Rossetti’s watercolor was inspired by illustrated manuscripts of the 13th century French poem of the same name. Tate Britain, London.

In Victorian England, young women snapped up books on “the language of flowers” to find hidden meanings in the flower bouquets given to them by young men, but the meaning of the red rose required no translation. Love and Beauty, with as many variations on the theme as there are rose varieties: Beauty ever-new (Damask Rose); Capricious Beauty (Musk Rose); Elegance (Rose Acacia); Loveliness (Pompon Rose); and The Graces (Hundred-leaved Rose). You might expect the practice of speaking through flowers to lead to misunderstandings, but the English, they say, are great gardeners.

The Language of Flowers

Cover of The Language of Flowers (1869), by Robert Tyas.

So go ahead. This Valentine’s Day, say it with flowers and wear your heart on your sleeve (or your bosom or your bum) with Red Rose.



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Hanky Panky Eau de Parfum—Indulge Your Inner Flirt™

Hanky Panky Eau de Parfum

Introducing Hanky Panky Eau de Parfum. Available in a 1.7 oz spray ($70) and a .20 oz rollerball ($25) on hankypanky.com.

Over the years our laces, with their intricate depictions of the natural world of leafy flowers and stems, have provoked me to wonder how they would smell if they came to life. This was the inspiration to create a Hanky Panky fragrance, a scent that would blend the intimacies of fine lingerie and perfume, both very personal signatures.

The challenge was to create a perfume that reflects our fresh, flirty, sexy lingerie and this was eventually achieved by combining classic feminine florals with a fresh, modern accent. Working with the world-class perfumer, Symrise AG, I learned that because fine perfume, like fine lingerie, is only as good as the ingredients or material it is made from, it was critical to use the finest absolutes. (Absolutes are the most concentrated and aromatic form of the fragrant compounds extracted from plants.)

Hanky Panky Eau de Parfum

Hanky Panky Eau de Parfum has fruity, citrus top notes of Bergamot and cassis as well as Lily of the Valley; middle notes including lush Rose De Mai and Jasmine; and bottom notes of Musk, Vetiver and White Cedar.

Fine perfumes endow each wearer with a unique, personal scent. Everyone who wears Hanky Panky Eau de Parfume will have her own personal relationship with it because the many facets of a quality fragrance will surface at different times on different skin. No two women really ever wear it the same. Each morning is an opportunity to Indulge Your Inner Flirt™.

When Hanky Panky introduced the World’s Most Comfortable Thong® in 1986, we changed the way women dressed. So who’s to say we can’t bottle the intimacy of lace?


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What Are You Doing New Year’s?

December is rushing by and it’s (already!) time to think about your New Year’s Eve plans. Whether you’re going to a champagne gala, having a quiet dinner with friends or cozying up with the cat to binge-watch a season or two of Downton Abbey before the premiere, you’ll probably want to have something both fabulous and comfy to wear.

Here are a few of our New Year’s Eve favorites, no matter what your plans involve.

Hanky Panky BARE Neutral Palette If you’re going to a gala and have one of those fabulous gowns that shows every little line, we recommend our Hanky Panky BARE collection of invisible panties. Available in a natural rise thong, a high rise thong, and a boyshort. These ultra-smooth, lightweight knit panties disappear under almost anything, and are available in a range of neutrals to blend with your skin tone.

Hanky Panky Diamante Bralette and Boyshort

If your party dress is a little more forgiving, then wear something just as festive underneath, like our “Diamante” bralette and hipster. The collection is made from a stretchy diamond-patterned tulle combined with an elegant corded lace and plush stretch velvet ribbon trim.

Hanky Panky Gilded Lace Chemise

If your NYE plans are a little more romantic in nature, glitz it up in our elegantly alluring Gilded Lace Chemise. This soft, sheer black lace is knitted with golden threads for a bit of holiday glamour. Also available in NYE-appropriate champagne/gold.

Hanky Panky Leopard Twill Pajamas

If you plan on a quiet night in with a bowl of popcorn and your favorite movies, a new pair of pajamas is in order. Our drape-y leopard print twill swing cami and matching pants combine to make a pajama set that is both hip and comfy.

Hanky Panky Happy New Year Thongs

Or, if you’re playing it by ear, our “Happy New Year” thongs are the perfect choice, no matter where the night may take you.

Happy 2015!

-Larissa, Senior Designer


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Moves That Speak Louder Than Words

[Doug Varone] is that rare choreographer with a gift for expressing emotion through dance. —Dunning, Jennifer. “Physical Side of an Emotional World.” New York Times, Jan. 10, 1994.

If Euripides is right that “every man is like the company he [is] wont to keep,” what does it mean that Hanky Panky likes the company of daredevils?

Doug Varone. (c) Cylla von Tiedermann. Courtesy of DOVA, Inc.

Doug Varone. © Cylla von Tiedermann. Courtesy of DOVA, Inc.

Doug Varone and Dancers, or “DOVA,” is an experimental modern dance company known for “dance charged with energy, emotions and implicit narratives.” Hanky Panky has been a corporate sponsor of Varone and his “company of daredevils” for many years. Our co-founder and CEO, Lida Orzeck, also serves on DOVA’s Board of Directors, and DOVA  performed at the 2009 launch party for hankypanky.com.

Many of Varone’s group works are about social settings or moments that most of us can recognize. A congregation in “Cantata 78/Every Waking Hour” (1986); a group of traveling musicians in “Cansos de Trobairitz” (1983); a crowd of strangers in “Strict Love” (1994); couples in “Possession” (1994); and a wallflower at a dance in “As Natural as Breathing” (2000). Varone’s choreography highlights the emotional experience of individuals in group settings.

Doug Varone and Dancers. "As Natural As Breathing" (2001). (c) Cylla Von Tiedermann. Courtesy of DOVA, Inc.

Doug Varone and Dancers in “As Natural As Breathing” (2000). © Cylla Von Tiedermann. Courtesy of DOVA, Inc.

Even in solo dances, Varone plays with the idea that an individual’s expression of private emotion is a kind of performance. In “Facts and Fiction” (1986), the dancer bows to the audience in between movements that suggest, alternately, uneasiness or confidence, gentleness or combativeness. In “The Fabulist” (2014), the solo dancer is a “fabulist,” or person who makes up stories; DOVA’s press materials clarify that the story telling at the heart of this piece are narratives built from “the memories of our lives,” which each of us create for ourselves and others.

Varone is also remarkable for choreographing dances for plays and operas, and for being a committed educator.

Lida, Gale Epstein, Hanky Panky co-founder, President and Creative Director, and Larissa Shirley King, Hanky Panky’s Senior Designer, attended DOVA’s opening night gala at The Joyce Theater earlier this month. DOVA premiered “Dome” (2014) and performed a revival of “Castles” (2004). In a rare treat, Varone soloed in “The Fabulist” (2014), returning to the stage for the first time in eight years. Of the performance, Larissa said:

The performance was thrilling. Castles was electrifying, The Fabulist was introspective and quite moving, and the world premiere of Dome was an amazing combination of tension built through stillness, mixed with incredible moments of high energy.

Doug Varone and Dancers in "Dome" (2014). (c) Paula Lobo. Courtesy of DOVA, Inc.

Doug Varone and Dancers in “Dome” (2014). © Paula Lobo. Courtesy of DOVA, Inc.

So how do you judge Hanky Panky by the company it keeps? Like Doug Varone and Dancers, we’re rethinking form and function for bodies in motion.

Upcoming performances by DOVA include “Stripped/Dressed” at the Edison Theater at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, January 23-24, 2015. Please click here to make a tax-deductible, year-end donation to Doug Varone and Dancers.


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Show Your Love With Lace

When my stepmom gave my dad a pair of Icebreaker merino wool boxer briefs last winter, it was The Perfect Gift: luxuriously soft wool to cosset him, sporty functionality to affirm his love of outdoor pursuits and therefore, his manliness.

But when I asked my pops if he would ever buy lingerie for my stepmom, he said “no way.”

My dad is not alone. Most of the men I surveyed for this blog also said that buying undergarments for a lady friend is fraught, the classic hurdles being (a) the awkwardness of being a dude in a panty store, (b) sizes more befuddling than Sudoku, and (c) the risk that said lady will read the wrong message into the gift (“So my birthday suit isn’t good enough for you anymore?!” Christmas by the fire instead becoming waterworks, a stormy exit and a lonely scotch at the bar.)

What a shame, because comfortable, beautiful, well-made underwear is the basic “gear” of a woman’s daily life, and therefore makes a great present. So let’s take each hurdle in turn, and get you on the road to Man of The Year gifting.

Turn “Dude in a Panty Shop” Into “Dude in a Candy Shop”


Candy jars filled with rolled lace thongs at the Hanky Panky Panty Bar at the Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair, now through Christmas Eve.

Candy jars filled with rolled lace thongs at the Hanky Panky Panty Bar at the Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair, now through Christmas Eve.

Face it. My mom can buy sail boat print boxers at J. Crew for my brother without raising any eyebrows. But a man in a lingerie store does not have such an easy time of it. (Double standards are annoying, huh?)

Some practical workarounds:

1. Stop by Hanky Panky’s booth at the Grand Central Holiday Fair now through December 24, 2014. (We’re open Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.) You’ll find a wide assortment of styles and colors, expert advice, packed-in savings on gift packs, and our always-popular-with-the-ladies Thong Roses.

The Hanky Panky Thong Rose is a Signature Lace Thong wrapped around a silk rose bud. Available in Original Rise ($27, Style No. 4811RB), and Low Rise ($27, Style No. 4911RB), at the Panky Bar or on hankypanky.com.

The Hanky Panky Thong Rose is a Signature Lace Thong wrapped around a silk rose bud. Available in Original Rise ($27, Style No. 4811RB), and Low Rise ($27, Style No. 4911RB), at the Panky Bar and on hankypanky.com.

And while you’re at the Holiday Fair, buy yourself a hand-painted tie at Telos New York, a cooler-than-thou messenger bag at The Lodge, or a chew toy for Fido at The Life of Ryley.

2. Check out hankypanky.com, or even easier, call our Customer Care team for recommendations and let them place the order for you. Call us at 877.447.4811, or Live Chat with us, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm EST.

3. Not in New York and want to shop in person? Visit the Intimates section of your local NordstromLord and TaylorNeiman MarcusSaksBloomingdales or Macys during off-hours, like the middle of the afternoon on a weekday, or right when the store opens on a weekend. You’re likely to be the only customer there, and one of the perks of shopping at these better department stores is the highly trained sales staff.

 Decoding the Size Chart (Or Better Yet, One Size Fits All)

The World’s Most Comfortable Thong® is one size fits most, so you can skip size headaches.

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Low Rise Thong (Style No. 4911) in Sour Cherry.

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Low Rise Thong ($20, Style No. 4911) in Sour Cherry. Our Low Rise Thong fits pant sizes 2-12, and our Original Rise Thong ($20, Style No. 4811) fits pant sizes 4-14, our. These styles are also available in Plus and Petite sizes.

Too good to be true? Nope, it’s just your lucky day. In Design Revolution, we explained that the lace used in our signature thongs has enough elasticity to be truly one size fits most, without pinching  your honey’s skin. The V-shaped waistband of our thongs also flatter women of different shapes and sizes. If you do want to buy a sized item, take a peek at her dress or pant size and then find her size using our size charts (or call the Hanky Panky Customer Care team and we’ll figure it out for you):

Hanky Panky Size Chart

Use our size chart to buy your Hanky Panky gift in the right size. Or skip the heroics and buy her a Hanky Panky One Size Fits Most thong. I recommend the Original Rise Thong if she’s tall or curvy, or its younger sister, the Low Rise Thong, if she wears low rise jeans.

Choosing the Right Style

I could sing all day about the wonders of our thongs, because that little piece of lace changed my life, but if you’re worried about gifting lingerie that is overtly sexy, here are some subtle, but still smokin’, options:

Hanky Panky BARE Boyshort (Style No. 6J1281) in Mahogany.

Our BARE Boyshort ($30, Style No. 6J1281) is a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. BARE is made of a super-soft, Italian microfiber, and is invisible under work suits, yoga pants and other form fitting clothes. Thanks to superior Hanky Panky construction, our BARE styles do not ride up or roll down. Available in six colors on hankypanky.com.

Signature Lace Classic Camisole (Style No. 1390L) and Boyshort (Style No. 4812)

You’re sure to score points by pairing our Signature Lace Classic Camisole ($48, Style No. 1390L) with a matching Signature Lace Boyshort ($29, Style No. 4812). Many women wear the cami and boyshort as a sleep set, and both pieces double as practical, everyday luxury. Available in more than 20 colors on hankypanky.com.

Of course, if overtly sexy is what you are going for, the Hanky Panky After Midnight® collection is a veritable garden of delights, including these lovelies:

The Heavy Metal ensemble, from our After Midnight collection. Bralette (Style No. 487294), Brazilian Bikini (Style No. 482644) and Cuffs (Style No. 48STCUFF).

The Heavy Metal ensemble. Bralette ($49, Style No. 487294), Brazilian Bikini ($36, Style No. 482644) and Cuffs ($16, Style No. 48STCUFF).

Signature Lace Keyhole Teddy (Style No. 488406). Shown here in Tulip Pink.

Signature Lace Keyhole Teddy ($69, Style No. 488406). Available on hankypanky.com in Tulip Pink (shown here) and Black.
Plus Size Peek-a-Boo Lace Babydoll with G-String. ($108, Style No. 9C6814X). Available online at hankypanky.com and at Macy's Herald Square.

Plus Size Peek-a-Boo Lace Babydoll with G-String. ($108, Style No. 9C6814X). Available online at hankypanky.com and at Macy’s Herald Square.

Click here for tips on styling your ladybird from Hanky Panky’s Senior Designer, Larissa Shirley King.

Let the gifting begin!


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