Thong Diary: Hanky Panky in Academia

"A Tiny Scrap of Fabric Wins a Huge Following" WSJ, Page 1, June 18, 2004

“A Tiny Scrap of Fabric Wins a Huge Following” appeared on the front page of The Wall Street Journal on June 18, 2004. The article catapulted the Hanky Panky thong from a celebrity favorite to The Name on Everyone’s Hips®. The enduring popularity of the Hanky Panky thong lies in it being as comfortable as it is beautiful, and in the quality of its materials and construction.

This week marks the 13th Anniversary of the cover seen around the world: Hanky Panky on the front page of The Wall Street Journal in June, 2004! Since we have been big on celebrating anniversaries this year (see here and here and here), this thong diary entry commemorates that life-altering WSJ spotlight and all the people who have become fans since then.

Today’s post comes from Lacey, who is interning for the summer in the Hanky Panky office and gives us a glimpse of Hanky Panky in academia:

For as long as I can remember, Hanky Panky has been a part of my life. My mother bought her first pair of Hanky Panky underwear in Arizona after reading about the company on the front page of The Wall Street Journal in 2004—shortly after my youngest sister was born. After that first taste of lace butter, she was hooked. Without fail, for every holiday and birthday she asked for two things: candles and Hanky Panky underwear.

Fast-forward a decade to my first year of college: I was thrilled to be moving to New York City to attend my dream school—Barnard College. Late into my first year, I was shocked to discover that the CEO of Hanky Panky, Lida Orzeck, is a Barnard alumna and trustee. I called my mother the moment that I found out to tell her about this exciting coincidence. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet Lida herself in my Senior year, and after hearing her story and touring the company, I knew that I needed to be a part of her lingerie legacy. A few emails and a whirlwind interview later, I called my mom on the verge of tears to tell her that I had my dream internship at my dream company.

On the day of my graduation, my mom and I made a special stop to commemorate my internship that was 13 years in the making: we picked up matching Barnard Hanky Panky panties in the college’s trademark blue. That night, as I strutted across the stage of Radio City Music Hall in my graduation robe and my signature lace, I blew a kiss to my mom, shook hands with Barnard’s president, and waved to Lida—who I might add was sitting on stage as I graduated. Though I am now surrounded by Hanky Panky underwear daily, no thong will ever be as special to me as my sapphire blue 4811s.

Hanky Panky Barnard Crystallized Signature Lace Thong in Sapphire

Barnard Crystallized Signature Lace Thong in Sapphire

Congrats, Lacey, on your graduation and your very signature Signature Lace! And thank you to you and all the #SigLaceFans for riding the wave to #HankyPanky40 with us!

Hanky Panky in the Barnard Store

Hanky Panky in the Barnard Store

Do you have story about your Hanky Panky panties that you’d like to share? Submit it to If it is featured in the diary, we will send you a complimentary gift!



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Ziegfeld Follies x Hanky Panky: Past, Present & Forever

Purdie Bauman struts down the runway at Ziegfeld's Midnight Frolic celebration.

Always a lady about town, our CEO and co-founder, Lida Orzeck, recently had the honor of attending A Celebration of Ziegfeld’s Midnight Frolic. The event was to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the legendary Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic (you may know that we are fans of things Ziegfeld as we launched a collection inspired by them in 2016).

Showgirl in original costume (left) and model in Hanky Panky Ziegfeld Follies 2016 collection (right).

Showgirl in costume (left) and model in Hanky Panky After Midnight® Ziegfeld Follies 2016 collection (right).

This year, The Ziegfeld Club, Inc. and Disney Theatrical partnered for an exhibition of unique Ziegfeld memorabilia, which was on display at the New Amsterdam Theatre. The displayed items ranged from Midnight Frolic posters, promotional fans (given to ushers at the start of each frolic) to Frolic table knockers. Laurie Sanderson, the Executive Director of the The Ziegfeld Follies, explained during her introduction the origin of the term knockers (now, a slang term for breasts). They were used at tables for the audience to bang as a sign of approval. Learn something new every day!

Program from the Ziegfeld event

Program from the Ziegfeld event

Purdie Bauman & Lida Orzeck

Purdie Bauman & Lida Orzeck

My personal favorite from the program: a gold purse and pendant from one the of the Ziegfeld Follies’ major stars, Lillian Lorraine, who was a bit of a cause célèbre back in the day and a mistress of Ziegfeld himself. The highlight of the event was a runway show of four exquisite original Ziegfeld Follies costumes!

Runway featuring four original Ziegfeld costumes.

Runway featuring four original Ziegfeld costumes

Lida strikes a pose with Ziegfeld Showgirls: Purdie Bauman, Ashley Klinger, Brooke Lacy, Courtney Bradley (from left to right).

Lida strikes a pose with Ziegfeld Showgirls: Purdie Bauman, Ashley Klinger, Brooke Lacy, & Courtney Bradley (from left to right).

Speaking of the Ziegfeld Follies and midnight frolicking, we have a show-stopping new Ziegfeld-inspired line launching for Fall 2017 in our Hanky Panky After Midnight® collection.

Our collaboration with the Ziegfeld Follies began as a way to support The Ziegfeld Club, a charity committed to honoring the memory of Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. and the women of the Ziegfeld Follies, while helping women to pursue and sustain careers in the performing arts. Laurie Sanderson noted the importance of the partnership as it not only shows the greatness and glory of the 20th century Ziegfeld Follies, but also reinvents and contemporizes what Ziegfeld is in the 21st century. If you are interested in supporting, please visit here.

And without further ado, here is a preview of what is to come next season:

Coming Fall 2017: Hanky Panky Ziegfeld Follies Starlet Bralette & Bikini

Coming Fall 2017: Starlet Bralette & Bikini

Inspired by the shimmering sequined costumes of Ziegfeld’s legendary showgirls, the Starlet bralette and bikini are made from ultra-sheer tulle, embellished with iridescent rainbow foiled floral embroidery and black accents.

Hanky Panky Showgirl Choker, Bralette & G-string

For the true showgirl, meet our Showgirl Choker, Bralette & G-string!

The Showgirl collection features soft stretch tulle trimmed with sexy and playful venise lace fringe—perfect for a shake and shimmy around your boudoir. Collection includes a choker, bralette, and g-string in your choice of rouge or mocha/black.

Hanky Panky Queenie Bodysuit

Queenie Bodysuit

Inspired by the many feathered Ziegfeld costumes, the Queenie collection features a (bird-friendly) feathered pattern in bold purple and black cross-dyed lace. Collection includes a bodysuit, bralette, thong, and bikini.

Hanky Panky Josephine Bodysuit

Josephine Bodysuit, an updated take to last year’s favorite!

The new Josephine bodysuit is a sequined revamp of last year’s best-selling (reversible!) style. Wait ’til you peep the other side when the collection fully launches this Fall!



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We’re Celebrating a Milestone!

And no, it’s not 40! Well, we are still celebrating 40 years of Hanky Panky, but another member of the Hanky Panky team is celebrating a big milestone: Henree is turning 15!! That is 105 years old in dog years!

Henree of Hanky Panky

A Year of Milestones: Henree turns 15

And to celebrate this 15th birthday, we are sharing 15 fun facts that you probably didn’t know about Henree:

1. Henree is a girl!

SURPRISE! If you thought she was a boy, guess again.

2. How she got her name…

Henree’s name was chosen in part to play with gender expectation and as an homage to her predecessor, Lida’s black female standard poodle, Pepsee.

Henree defying gender norms in her tie!

3. She is a full-bred standard poodle.

Here is her official pedigree:

Henree’s Pedigree back when she was a pup named Sheba

4. She was adopted by Lida at 2.5 years old.

The family that gave her up bought her from a breeder in Rochester, NY and then gave her up to the Watchung Mountain Poodle Club Rescue in New Jersey after she had a litter. From there, she found a permanent home with Lida in the Big Apple.

5. Henree’s quick ascension in the corporate world

She became Chairman of the board at the tender age of 5 human years and joined Lida and Gale as a top-ranking executive. A title, her good looks earned her.

Lida, Gale, and Henree of Hanky Panky

Lida, Henree and Gale in a very important board meeting

6. She is a fixture at the Hanky Panky office.

Though her work ethic is questionable at times…

7. Henree knows her way home…

“She found her way home to 92nd Street, which involved crossing Central Park West, from the Great Lawn, when yours truly (Lida) became distracted and lost her in the crowd” as Lida recalls.

8. While she knows her way through the streets of NYC like a true New Yorker, the farthest she’s been is North Carolina.

Henree at the beach in NC

Henree at the beach in North Carolina

9. Her BFF is Trixie, an apricot standard poodle.

Henree has been showing her the ropes since Trixie was 6 months old and they share all the gossip. BFFs are the best.

Henree and Trixie

Henree and Trixie


Besties sharing the doggy down-low on their walk

Henree & Trixie in the puppy years

Henree & Trixie in the puppy years. Oh yeah, and, Lida

10. She and her pack are pure #squadgoals.

They meet up for happy hour twice a week. And, of course, she’s at the center!

Henree on a walk with the pack

How dogs do happy hour

11. A true social butterfly, she can also hang with cats.

Here she is at a sleepover getting toasty with the crew:

Henree with cats at sleepover

Proof that dogs and cats can peacefully co-exist

12. And what are her fav foods?

Her sensitive stomach requires a limited diet of sweet potato, pumpkin and venison, but if she had her druthers, it’d be peanut butter and pizza all day, everyday (my kind of girl!)

Henree, a dignified poodle, is not above hoping (dare I say "begging") for a treat now and again.

Henree, when she makes her “I want pizza” face.

Henree's affinity for pumpkin was an inspiration for one of Patrick McDonnell's of Mutts comic strip

Henree’s affinity for pumpkin was an inspiration for one of Patrick McDonnell’s of Mutts Comic Strips in 2013. © 2013 Patrick McDonnell King Features Syndicate Inc.

13. Her favorite toys include:

Pink Poodle, Empire State Building, Dudley, Hanukkah bone, Carrot, Rocky

According to Henree, “Rocky was a gift when I arrived at my new home 12 ½ years ago. Rocky, a raccoon, has squeakers in each paw and is in perfect condition, squeaks and all, because I have what is called a “soft mouth”—a poodle trait.”

But Henree is not all toys and games, she is an avid and informed reader, who always finds time in her busy day to catch up on news.

Henree reading the Times, while she is chaufeurred to work.

Henree reading the Times, while she is chauffeured to work

14. Henree has been the muse and inspiration behind many great works of art (I told you those looks got her far).

In 2011, Gale Epstein and Lida Orzeck, Hanky Panky’s co-founders, bid on and won “Your Pet Featured in Patrick McDonnell’s Renowned Mutts Comic Strip” at a fundraiser for the Humane Society of the United States. Henree starred in McDonnell’s cartoon that year (shown above) and again two years later. © 2011 Patrick McDonnell King Features Syndicate Inc.

Henree painting by Carl Stewart

Henree as captured by Carl Stewart

15. Her highlights are natural and really just complete the flawless look.


What many can only try to achieve just comes naturally for Henree

Bonus Trivia: Henree likes to fish, but not swim. Watch the hair!

Carla, wishing Henree a happy 15!

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Bring Your BFF to Celebrate Our BFFs!

Hanky Panky 40th Anniversary Giveaway

Click Here to Enter!

We’re turning 40 and we would love for you to celebrate with us! So we are giving away a prize to make that happen for one lucky winner and their best friend. The prize will include:

– a $1500 gift card to apply towards transportation to NYC
– 2 nights at a luxury hotel in the Meatpacking District
– 2 tickets to our 40th Anniversary Gala held at the High Line

We are not only celebrating 40 years of Hanky Panky, but also 40 years of best friends in business and life (a friendship that has outlasted fashion trends and so much more  😉).

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

In 1966, a Barnard student named Marilyn, in the spirit of making new friends but keeping the old, introduced her college friend, Lida to her childhood friend from St. Louis, Gale. And that was how it all started. Initially friends-in-law, Gale and Lida hit it off, became best friends in their own right, and took their friendship to the next level to make history.

Gale & Lida, Hanky Panky founders & BFF in the 1970s

Gale & Lida in the 1970s

Fast-forward about 10 years, when Gale designed a lingerie set made from embroidered handkerchiefs for Lida’s birthday present. Lida absolutely adored the gift. From there, Lida and Gale went into business together to bring their original and unique idea for hanky lingerie to a larger audience.

Of course, they lived in the same building, because who wants to be too far away from their bestie? So, while getting the concept off the ground, they would meet in between their respective floors and hold “stairwell summits” to discuss business. For the first year, Gale, a designer by day, became an entrepreneur by night, while Lida dedicated herself full-time to their burgeoning business.

Their workspace consisted of a 475 sq foot studio with a foldout table in midtown Manhattan. During the day, Lida would write orders at the table. Once Gale showed up at night, they would unfold the table and lay out patterns, cut fabric, etc. to prepare the orders. Gale managed the creative end and Lida oversaw the business side, each giving their input on the other’s area. That is how it has gone until this day!

Drive, determination, vision and a strong partnership got them and all of us, the Hanky Panky crew, to 40 years. Lida describes it as the foundation to their success: their similarities in personality that drew them together some 50 years ago combined with their contrasting strengths that complement each other’s.

And whatever happened to Marilyn, who introduced them? She moved across the country and began her own company with her partner. Their story is one of successful adventures in friendship for everyone. Yay! So fittingly, we want to give the opportunity to two friends to embark on their own adventure in NYC!

Hanky Panky Lingerie c. 1980s

Hanky Panky Lingerie c. 1980s

That’s What Friends Are For

Now that we’ve told you a little about the history of Hanky Panky’s BFFs, here’s a little more information about what we have in store for you and your BFF at our swanky soiree. The big bash will be a garden party at an illustrious event space in the High Line, New York’s elevated park. You will get to say cheers to 40 years with the Hanky Panky team, editors, bloggers, influencers, VIPs and other notable personalities. Our founders, Lida and Gale will also make an appearance and you will have a chance to meet the ladies behind the lace! At the end of the night, walk a way with a goody bag and good times.

Gale and Lida celebrating Hanky Panky's 35th Anniversary

Gale & Lida celebrating Hanky Panky’s 35th Anniversary

We are giving you three weeks to enter. So enter now to be that amazing friend who gifts you and your BFF an unforgettable experience! After all, that’s what friends are for!

Hanky Panky Cross Dye & Signature Lace

You & your BFF in the hotel bathroom


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Thong Diary: Everyone Has Their Lucky Pair

Hanky Panky Kiwi Green Personalized Low rise Thong

The Lucky Pair

After our last diary entry, we knew we couldn’t leave you hanging for too long. So it’s time for another entry into the Hanky Panky Thong Diary. Today’s entry comes courtesy of our Danish Facebook follower, Josephine, who reached out to us for help:

Hi, I don’t know if I should write in Danish or English, so I’m trying in English. A few years ago you had a low rise thong in neon yellow. I was wondering if you still have them? Because I can’t see them on Danish pages or English pages. I really hope you still sell them and you ship to Denmark. Low rise thong neon and ship to Denmark 😄

Unfortunately, we do not carry the color anymore. After directing her to our newest neons and where to shop us internationally, she replied:

Thanks for the answer. It might seem stupid but the low rise thong in neon was my lucky thong. The last time I wore them I scored my ex boyfriend (5 years ago). I haven’t scored since we broke up because I don’t have my lucky thong. 😊
So I’ve bee looking for that thong a few years now. Haha
So I really hope I can find that color again. It’s easy to find any other color but that one…

After perusing our color library, we were able to identify the neon from 5 years ago as Glowstick. For every selected thong diary, the entrant receives a gift from us! Although we have updated neons (Kiwi Green, Sunset Glow and Lemongrass) for Josephine’s gift, we were determined to find her lucky color! So, our designer, Larissa and I went on a hunt to find the elusive, retired Glowstick. When we discovered what is probably the last pair in existence, they were promptly whisked away on a European adventure. First stop was in Sweden, where our kind distributor received the thong and ensured they were delivered happily (and luckily) to Josephine in Denmark.

And there you have it! A little detective work, a determined customer, a world tour, a stroke of luck, and dedicated customer service, all for that lucky pair (see ’em glow below).

Hanky Panky neon Glowstick Thong

Glowstick in all its glory

Enjoy, Josephine, and may your new Glowstick pair bring you much luck! 😉

PS: Also, a fan of Glowstick 👇🏽, just saying…

Gwen Stefani rocking Hanky Panky Glowstick thong (Photo ©AKM-GSI/Splash News) 

Gwen Stefani rocking Glowstick (Photo ©AKM-GSI/Splash News)

Got a lucky pair from us that has a tale to tell or another Hanky Panky story you’d like to share? Submit it to If it is featured in the diary, we will send you a complimentary gift!

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We’ve Got An Announcement…

40thanniversarylogoWe are over-the-moon, smiling-from-ear-to-ear thrilled to announce our Limited Edition 40th Anniversary collection! Now, catch your breath as we take you through this very special assortment that we are so excited to share.

How It All Started

If you have been with Hanky Panky and followed us through the years, you probably know the tale of:

“It All Started as a Gift. 40 years ago, in 1977, Designer Gale Epstein created a bra and panty set out of hand-embroidered handkerchiefs as a birthday gift for her friend, Lida Orzeck. Inspired by this ingenious concept, the friends became business partners and named their new company after the original design—Hanky Panky”

To celebrate 40, we have brought back the legendary hankies and distinguished hand-embroidery to create a Limited Edition 40th Anniversary collection. Inspired by our humble beginnings in an apartment on New York’s Upper West Side, this collection is a retrospective of where we began with influences of where we are now.  Launching over the next few months, each group in the collection will bear unique and special collectible-worthy details.

Catch 40 Winks

One thing about turning 40 is discovering we may need a little more shut-eye. With that, we are ushering in 40 with more sleep, oh, and sleepwear. And nothing says “beauty sleep” like our beautiful, ultra-soft interlock knit sleep set and night gown, available now.

Hanky Panky Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Interlock Nightgown

Hanky Panky Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Interlock Sleep Set

These styles are a nod to designs from the 80s and 90s, similar to the one below, with some modern updates. Feel cool and comfortable during your summer nights’ slumber, while you don the vintage trend. After all, who said you can’t be stylish 24/7 when it’s this effortless?

Hanky Panky Vintage Hanky Nightgown

Timeless As Ever

Next, we have a sneak peek of our 40th Anniversary daywear assortment. This group is an ode to the original handkerchief lingerie designs that Gale created for Lida in 1977. The multicolor hand-embroidered handkerchiefs are now out of production, and we purchased the last remaining units from the manufacturer to create this collection. So when we say limited, we mean limited. (Fun fact: one of the original versions is now in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum.)

Hanky Panky Bralette & Bikini c. 1977

The bralette, thong and bikini are made with hankies like the original iconic designs, but have been updated with our stretch signature lace trims for an improved fit. While the original line had a bikini in the lingerie set, the thong is another modern touch. To recall, we would later go on to be the creators of the World’s Most Comfortable Thong®, whom you now know us as today.

Hanky Panky Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Collection

The assortment also includes a camisole and tap pant, inspired by ones like the below from 1985. Each piece will be numbered, indicating the item is “1 of 150 units” ever made, such as the thong above, for example. The limited run will be available for purchase online and at select retailers.

hanky panky-bra-tap-pant_c1985


Lastly, from the archives: we discovered a cache of vintage hand-embroidered silk jacquard to re-make a very limited edition of front-close bralettes and string bikini panties just in time for our 40th anniversary. The unsewn, cut garments had been tucked away in storage since the 1980s. We’ve finished them with new elastics and trims. These will be available exclusively on in extremely limited quantities. Thus, be sure to follow us on social media or subscribe to our email list to stay up-to-date on the launch. Don’t miss your chance to own a part of Hanky Panky history!

Hanky Panky Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Collection

Now We’re Here!

Though we’ve far-outgrown that NYC apartment where it all began, we still design and produce all Hanky Panky merchandise in the New York/northeast area. To see one of the faces who helped make this collection possible, click here.

Thank you for celebrating 40 with us and show us how you wear the 40th collection by tagging us and using #HankyPanky40 on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Cheers to 40 Years!

Carla, hoping to look this good at 40



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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Hanky Panky Mothers Day Gift Guide

Hanky Panky may not be the first place you think of when looking for a Mother’s Day gift, but think again… It’s been proven that moms love Hanky Panky and, really, all women who wear us do. However, we get it: picking panties for your mother may be a little too intimate. Lucky for you, we don’t just have lingerie!

Wrapped Up

Great gifts for mom that you can find in our assortment include our robes in jersey, flannel and chiffon. Our heather jersey robe, below, pairs well with other items if you want to make it a set!

Hanky Panky Heather Jersey Kimono Robe, Cross-Dyed Lace Cami and Boyshort

Heather Jersey Kimono Robe matches back to Cross-Dyed Lace Cami and Boyshort

Hanky Panky 2VR114 Short Cozy European Flannel Robe

Our snuggly knee-length robe is another great option.

Sleep Sound

Additionally, we have a sleep set and pajama options available, which make a popular gift. I have never been mad about receiving PJs. EVER. There are comfortable, practical and ours are made of soft, luxurious Supima® cotton. You can sleep sound with these great gifts.

Our Soft Supima® Cotton Pajamas are available in Forget Me Not Blue and White

Our Soft Supima® Cotton Pajamas are available in Forget Me Not Blue and White

If you are looking for something short and stylish, our heather jersey romper is one of my top picks and new colors are available.

Hanky Panky Heather Jersey Romper available in chambray and wine

Heather Jersey Romper

The Small Things…

Last but not least, sometimes it is the small things that take you a long way. With that, a refreshing, floral scent may make for a sweet gift and perfume is just that! Our fragrance is an intimate blend of luscious fruits, feminine florals, soft musk, and mysterious woods.

Hanky Panky Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum

Or if you want to play is safe and don’t know what exactly to get me, well then, we have the most perfect gift idea for you—a gift card! It’s an easy and thoughtful gift. Plus, every woman should try some Hanky Panky at least once in her life when possible and this is a great way to introduce mom to the most comfortable intimates.

For more ideas, head over to our Mother’s Day boutique and view the lookbook.

Hanky Panky Gift Card pgiftcrd_white_alt-view-only_01

Keepsake Gift Card

Whatever you decide to give to mom, have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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Gifting Lingerie: Something Old, New, Borrowed, Used?

Hanky Panky Porcelain Rose Bridal Set for Gifting Lingerie

Something New: Porcelain Rose Bridal Set & Something Borrowed: the Pearls

It’s National Tell a Story Day and we’ve got a good one for you. Are or were you bride-to-be? Have you ever been gifted lingerie? Are you considering gifting lingerie to someone you know? Well, if you can relate to the above questions or just want to hear this entrancing, hilarious tale, then gather around:


It’s a spring day with a bit of overcast, but decent weather.  My friends and I are gathered at a bridal shower for our friend, Hannah.  We sit around as the bride-to-be opens her gifts, expressing awe, joy, surprise and gratitude. There’s a dinnerware set, kitchen appliances, honeymoon package and what else, but lingerie. As some of us remark on the intimate nature of such a gift and whether gifting lingerie is appropriate,  Hannah shares that this is not the first lingerie-containing package that she has received…

Her mother-in-law (MIL), who couldn’t make it for the festivities, also bequeathed her with some very special lingerie, as she tells it:

My MIL sent some lingerie that was hers when she got married (decades prior)! But that was super weird and I didn’t hold on to it. She put some note in there, like, ‘since Cindy (her daughter) will never get married, here is this.’ Obviously an emotional move!

I replied,

Ooh, and obviously a burn to Cindy, but maybe Cindy doesn’t want to do that.

Hannah continues,

Yeah!  [laughs] I mean… Cindy doesn’t want to get married–she doesn’t and has made that clear. I think her mother is bitter and upset about it. But it’s her life… So the lingerie got me mixed up in all of that! I think bridal lingerie is a great gift idea, but as long as it isn’t a projection!

And there you have it from the bride herself. Gifting lingerie? YES. Gifting used lingerie out of spite? A big NO. While we are all for recycling those old threads, this is not the way to do it, if that wasn’t obvious.

Hanky Panky Annabelle Garter

Something Blue: Annabelle Garter

Lastly, if you are in the market for some intimate gifts, check out our 2017 Bridal gifts blog post and feel free to peruse our Bridal and Bridal Plus Size boutiques. You are guaranteed to find that something new and maybe a little something blue, just never go the route of intimates that have been used [said with a wink].

Carla, tale-telling

Note: I have recreated events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain anonymity, the names of individuals and identifying characteristics have been changed.

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Where Should Your Hanky Panky Undies Go to Retire?

Hanky Panky Earth Day Textile Recycling

Being an environmentally-minded individual and working at a company that also upholds these beliefs, I have been thinking about new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Sure, I separate my plastics and paper, bring my tote bag to the grocery store and harass my neighbors and coworkers to do so as well (yea, I can get a little pushy, but it’s in the name of Mother Earth). Yet I recently have been asking myself, “what else can I do?” How can I further my efforts?

A New Discovery

I always feel terrible just throwing out old clothes, but is there a way to recycle them? Well, actually, there is. Textile recycling is a thing and most garments are completely recyclable, including—wait for it—your Hanky Panky undies. Gasp! Shocked? Turned off? Then keep reading, this is for you!

Yes, I too have banished my old undergarments to the waste bin never to be thought of again. However, there is no need to be put off by the idea; we all have old underwear as well as old t-shirts, sheets, jeans, and they all need to go somewhere. So instead of going to the garbage, let them go to a good cause. But before we head over, let’s talk about how those old undies will become new goodies.

Textile Recycling: A Brief Explanation

Depending where you take your old garments, the process, according to GrowNYC, is generally that they will be:

“sorted into different grades, with an effort to recover as much usable clothing as possible for distribution to second-hand markets. Material that is not suitable for reuse will go to recycling markets to be used as wiping rags or shredded for low grade fiber products such as insulation.”

So who cares if your insulation is made of an old, stained t-shirt or a pair of underwear that have taken you through funny, memorable moments? It’s no biggie and it’s better than a landfill. Recycling clothes is a great way to reduce greenhouse emissions significantly, create jobs and help non-profits raise funds to keep running.

Textile Waste Infographic from Tantone Industries

Textile Waste Infographic from Tantone Industries

One Man’s Trash…

Now back to the question that started this whole post: where should your Hanky Pankys go in their twilight days? You can find the answer here under the “How You Can Help” section for tips to extend their life and select the link to find a place near you. Also, the Council for Textile Recycling has an international locator for donation sites. Various organizations, businesses, stores, even farmers markets accept textiles for re-purposing. Recycling centers and thrift stores will sell the items that cannot be sold in their stores to industrial buyers and salvage brokers to support their organizations.

The Second Life of Secondhand Council for Textile Recycling

The Second Life of Secondhand

Last but not least, it is always best practice to donate or recycle textiles that are clean and dry. So are we over the stigma now? Textile recycling isn’t so bad, right? Whether you’re getting rid of some old pants or panties, don’t forget to employ the last of those three Rs: RECYCLE.

Happy Earth Day! What new habit/routine will you pick up in the name of Mother Earth? Comment below.










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Thong Diary: Hanky Panky Stowaways

Thong Diary

It’s time for another entry into the Hanky Panky Thong Diary! Today’s submissions come from two mothers whose undies went on accidental adventures, but (thankfully) made it safely back home.

Nap Time Thong

Nap Time Thong

This photo and note came from Alexis, @thewtfmom on Instagram.

A pair of my pink Hanky Panky undies took a field trip to my 3 year old son’s preschool with his pillow for nap and returned in his Superman lunchbox. Thank god I only wear Hanky Panky low rise thongs or boyshorts…Had they been anything else, this could have been a way more embarrassing situation!

Another mother, Rebecca L., shared a similar experience:

Mortifying parent moment…When you receive a note from your child’s preschool classroom entitled “laundry oops” with a pair of your recently laundered Hanky Panky panties tucked nicely together in a plastic shopping bag that was knotted tightly shut. The note read, “these fell out of his blanket and were found on the floor next to his cot”.
My 4 year old later told me that he found the panties stuck to his nap blanket, picked them off, and threw them on the ground next to his cot in the classroom. His teacher walked past him, saw the panties, and asked him if he knew anything about the panties on the floor. He proudly proclaimed, “those are my mommy’s.”

Luckily, both these stories have a happy ending—the undies made it safely home!

Do you have a Hanky Panky story you’d like to share? Submit it to If it is featured in the diary, we will send you a complimentary gift!

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