Personalized Gifts for the Bride-to-Be

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When I look back at 2011, a major word that comes to mind is engagement. Several of my best friends and family members got engaged and I couldn’t be happier! I’m the type of person who gives gifts for any and every special occasion. So, let’s just say I’m grateful to work at a place that has the perfect gift for every bride-to-be. Even though it would have been easy for me to give each girl the same gift, I made sure to be a little different with every bride. The best part was seeing every one of their reactions.

For those of you who are gifting fanatics like me here are some ideas that will bring a smile to any soon-to-bride. Warning: I’ve had some girls come to tears after opening up their gift—but don’t worry they were happy tears!
For that something blue: a perfect idea that every bride loves is a thong with her future last name on it. My brother recently popped the question; my first thought was to get my future sister- in-law a thong with “Gallo,” our last name, on a powder blue thong. You can easily personalize your own thong too!

If the last name is too long, you can also use their initials and our heart symbol. “JG ♥ RC” is what I did for my brother’s fiancée.

My best friend Kristina is getting married on her 6 year anniversary. It was very important to them to get married on that exact date. Knowing how sentimental they were, I chose to personalize her thong to read 10.20.12.


For the bride that is a plane ride away, I chose to send her a Mail-A-Thong. I switched the regular thong for one I personalized with “Sweets”. I don’t think they use each other’s names any more. I only hear sweets this and sweets that, so this was the perfect thong for her.

I hope this inspired some of you. Don’t forget, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and these gifts are perfect for that too!


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