Thong Diary: 5 Things I Can’t Live Without

Thong Diary

I can count five things that have vastly improved my life, and the Hanky Panky retro thong is amongst them.

As a plus-size gal it’s hard to find attractive undies that aren’t either designed for grannies or inappropriate for my body type. And the idea of a thong was preposterous! They are butt-floss! Painful! Weird-fitting!

All of this changed when I was given a black plus size retro Hanky Panky thong. It was night and day to the $4 Target® panties I was wearing. The retro thong fit like a dream. The dreaded visible panty line was abolished forever. They were pretty without being too delicate to stand up to wearing or washing. And the thong part absolutely did not cut me in half. It merely covers—without entering—the butt cleavage.

I have about 15 pairs of Hanky Panky retro thongs, a couple regular thongs and three pairs of boy shorts, too. They truly have been transformational as I am always comfortable and confident—no more pulling at my clothes or worrying about being able to see my panties. Over two years later, my original pair is still going strong. And boy, if they could talk, I’d have to shoot them.

Want to know what those five life-changing things are?

Here goes:

  1. My iPhone® wakes me, keeps me on schedule, connects, entertains and educates me.
  2. My DVR not only lets me conveniently record shows, it lets me pause them so I can listen to the latest cool thing that my husband has to say during the last five minutes of every movie.
  3. My Scottevest® hoodie carries my everything in its 17 pockets.
  4. My retainers keep my recently transformed teeth in place, having gone from snaggle-toothed to practically perfect.
  5. My Hanky Panky retro thong provides a beautiful, seamless frame to my ample butt.

Thanks for everything that you guys do. I really love my Hanky Panky lingerie.



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