Thong Diary: a Deal is a Deal

Thong Diary

My very sexy boyfriend and I made a special deal one night—he agrees to style his goatee exactly as I want it and I buy lingerie for him. Can you believe I arranged for a consultation with my stylist and he had to modify it twice before I was happy? A deal is a deal, right? Onto my end of the bargain… I am a fairly curvy Hispanic girl so finding the perfect piece was a challenge. I had several Hanky Panky thongs which he was already a fan of. He says they flatter my figure (booty). When I found the bralette to go with my black lace Hanky Panky thong, I couldn’t wait to show them off. He was so excited to see me in the ensemble! Some might say it was a shame I didn’t get to wear them for long but, keeping it in perspective, I had a great time! Thanks Hanky Panky!

Laura M

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