Thong Diary: Changed My Ways

Thong Diary

One day long ago, my dearest girls and I were emailing (as we often did, since we lived in four corners of the US), on the most important topic of panties! They were going on and on about the surprising comfort and ease of wearing thongs! I was in disbelief. I had tried them once and horrible memories of childhood wedgies (compliments of my big brother), entered my mind at mach speed. Off they went and I vowed to never go there again!

As I so eloquently shared my experience with my girls, they told me to try the very unusually-named, and oh-so-comfortable thongs by Hanky Panky. Well, I lived in a small, remote town that did not carry any such panties and I told them so. Hence, my vow to never allow those “types” to come near my “nether regions” continued!

So, my days of discount store full-coverage panties served me well until a very delightful day that May (my birthday)! As I returned home after a long day of work, I received a package from all three of the girls! Lo and behold, a pair of Hanky Panky thongs blessed my home and I dared to give them a try! How could I not? These are the ladies I trusted and adored all my young life!

I did it. I actually put them on for an entire day of work. I was convinced that I would be emailing them about how horrible the experience was and how could they say they love me, after putting me through such pain! But, to my surprise, there was no pain, there were no lines, there was only LOVE! And from that moment on, I have embraced not only the undying appreciation of my girls but the love for Hanky Panky low-rise thongs!

Thank you for changing my ways!


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