Thong Diary: Exposed Curves

Thong Diary

I’m a man who enjoys women with curves. So, it should go without saying that I like to see as much of those curves as possible. The issue with most of my girlfriend’s underwear is that it covers up the best parts. I asked her if she would ever consider wearing a thong. The answer was always about a lack of comfort, which is understandable.

I searched on the internet for a sexy, yet comfortable thong for her. I came across an article about this company called Hanky Panky, whose thongs were given great reviews. I purchased an original rise thong for her to try out and she loved how it fit her body. I get to see more of her shapely and beautiful figure anytime she wears it. She now wears sexy underwear, something she thought impossible before Hanky Panky came into her life.


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