Thong Diary: Purely Academic

Thong Diary

My best friend and I met our freshman year of college at Barnard. That was 7 years ago. Unfortunately, our post graduate studies have kept us separated but we make sure to visit as often as we can. Recently, during a visit to New York City we visited our old campus to see the new student center. While in the student store, we couldn’t believe that our favorite underwear had made their way to our alma mater with Barnard bedazzled in crystals on the waistband. We had the pleasure of meeting Hanky Panky CEO and Barnard graduate Lida Orzeck at a function senior year and were delighted to see her continuing to show her support to Barnard years later. Needless to say we both had to have a pair and also purchased a pair for her little sister who just started her freshman year. Many thanks for your wonderful undies from two Barnard alums!

Ashley and Charlotte

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