A new pet for the Wood family!


Buddy Wood

I’d like to introduce you to Buddy, our newly adopted 3-year old Jack Russell Terrier!

I was at my friend’s house one day when she was fostering a dog through Castle of Dreams Animal Rescue in NJ. My family had already started the discussion about getting a dog now that we felt the kids were at an age where they could take responsibility for a pet, so I thought fostering would be a great way for us to “test the waters.” I asked my friend to let Castle of Dreams know we were interested in fostering and by Saturday we were meeting in the parking lot of PetSmart to pick up one of the dogs that had been rescued from a high-kill shelter in Georgia.

The kids were playing in the yard with Buddy that afternoon and having a blast! I saw Buddy sniffing around at the back corner of the fence when he put his nose in a hole that a groundhog had dug last summer and before I knew it he had slipped his whole body under the fence and had taken off down the road!!!! I stood there in shock trying to comprehend that Buddy had escaped…how was I going to tell the adoption group I lost the dog within 20 minutes of getting him?!?!?! Luckily, my husband found him quickly and chased him back to our cul-de-sac where Buddy then jumped into our neighbors’ open minivan, much to the delight of their 4 children inside! What a first day!

By the end of the week, Buddy had certainly made himself right at home with our family. We would come home to find him lying in our bed with his head on a pillow! My son kept asking during the week, “How can you give my dog away?”…uh-oh, we knew we were in trouble now. My husband and I discussed it and we decided that we were truly ready for a pet and Buddy was the right dog for our family.

Ila's son and dog

Buddy’s Buddy.

We sat the kids down and said, “Both of you have been so terrific with Buddy this week. You know that we’ve been helping Buddy find his permanent family…we’ve decided that we’re going to be Buddy’s family!” We all cheered with excitement and danced around the kitchen! Later that evening, I saw my son wipe a tear from his eye. I asked him what was wrong and then he started crying hysterically! I rushed to hug him and through his tears he said, “I’m just so happy that we’re keeping Buddy! Don’t worry, these are tears of joy…I’ve seen it on American Idol!”

The next day we signed the adoption papers and made Buddy the newest member of our family!

– Ila


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