Fat Cat: A Kitty’s Weight Loss Journey

Pixie the chubby kitty says, "I'll exercise tomorrow."

Pixie the chubby kitty says, “I’ll exercise tomorrow.”

My kitty Pixie was a skinny little 3-year-old rescue when I adopted her 7 years ago. Since she was so slim, hungry, and LOUD, I gave her lots of yummy cat food, and was pleased when she filled out a bit. As the years went by, her activity level (and food consumption) decreased, but after a few health issues, she started to get a little portly.

Last year, Pixie’s vet recommended a prescription cat food to help with her health issues, and to also help her lose weight. After a month or two on the prescription dry food and regular wet food, she had gone from 14 lb down to 12.

At her last vet appointment, we discovered that despite her remaining on the prescription diet cat food, Pixie had gained back the 2 lb, and was a chubby kitty once again. Since we actually feed her less than the recommended amount for a cat her size, and she rarely eats treats and never eats people-food, we were puzzled about how to help our kitty slim down, so that we could avoid having a diabetic cat.

Since Pixie’s two favorite activities are eating and sleeping, her vet recommended the following products to help Pixie “work” for her food: a ball that dispenses kibble, and a puzzle bowl that requires her to push the food down different openings to make it accessible.

I just ordered these products (and a programmable laser toy for her to chase), so hopefully we’ll be able to up her activity level so she can lose weight without getting too hungry. I will review the individual products when they arrive!



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