Henree Orzeck, the Best Girl, 2002-2018

Henree Orzeck, 2002-2018

Henree Orzeck 
6-2-2002 – 2-18-2018
“Best Girl”

To the Hanky Panky community:

I must deliver the very sad news that our Chairman of the Board died yesterday. Although evidence for this statement is non-existent, I believe Henree was the only standard poodle holding such an elevated position in American commerce and we can all be proud of her association with Hanky Panky. Her motto:  What glass ceiling?

Fortunately, despite her recent deficits and infirmities she was still regularly showing up at Hanky Panky so her friends and colleagues at the office and warehouse were able to see her in the last several weeks in both Queens and Manhattan.

Henree was an AKC Certified Pedigree poodle bred in upstate New York. She lived with a family in New Jersey for her first 2 ½ years, bore a litter, and was given up for adoption to Watchung Mountain Poodle Rescue. Henree lived with volunteers for a short while and they described her this way: “She really is the best girl, full of common sense, a desire to please and affection.” The first time I had her groomed, the staff was struck by her “kindness”, a description I would hear again and again over her lifetime.

Susan Miller and I managed to clear the very high bar for adoption and we brought Henree home exactly 13 years ago today.

Her legacy lives on at Our Companions Animal Sanctuary in Ashford, CT where a rescue cottage is named for her—Henree House. Plans are also underway to memorialize her in the gigantic, shared backyard where she roamed and enjoyed life—Central Park.


About Hanky Panky

In 1977, designer Gale Epstein created a hand-made lingerie set for her friend, Lida Orzeck, crafted out of embroidered handkerchiefs. The original designs were the inspiration for the company name, Hanky Panky. Blending traditional with modern glam looks, Hanky Panky is a fashion favorite of countless celebrities.
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