Holiday Lingerie Cookies by Carrie

Did you know? Long before Carrie was a Graphic Designer at Hanky Panky, she decorated cakes at Lower East Side bakery Sugar Sweet Sunshine. We took advantage of her sweet skills when creating imagery for our Holiday 2018 marketing. 

Lingerie and winter themed cookies and lingerie.

Our Sweetest Season campaign has caused quite the sensation!

The holidays are coming, and who doesn’t love sweet holiday treats? When creating our marketing imagery for Hanky Panky’s “Sweetest Season” campaign, I created homemade gingerbread cookies with Hanky Panky flair.

Holiday Lingerie Gingerbread Cookies by Carrie of Hanky Panky

The campaign has been very well-received, and our customer service department has even received requests for the cookies! Since we’re not in the cookie business, here is how I made them.

I started with a basic gingerbread cookie recipe from Bon Appetit magazine. [Here is a vegan gingerbread recipe, if needed.] After rolling out the dough, I used some fun cookie cutters to create the cookies.

Here are some of the cutters I used:

“Camisole” top

Bralette and Panty (to make  the “thongs” I cut off the side tie shapes with a knife)


After cutting, I baked the cookies according to the recipe, and allowed to cool thoroughly.

Lingerie shaped cookies with royal icing outlines. After cooling, it's time to decorate!

After cooling, it’s time to decorate!

After the cookies had cooled, it was time to decorate! I used Alton Brown’s royal icing recipe. [Here is an eggless royal icing recipe, if needed.]

To decorate, I laid the cookies on waxed paper, and used a pastry bag with a small round tip for the royal icing. I started decorating by creating the outlines and scalloped “lace” edges. After the outlines were complete, then I went back and filled in the cookies with various patterns—cross hatching, dots, and stripes.

Lingerie shaped cookies with royal icing outlines. After cooling, it's time to decorate!

Fill in the cookies with whatever pattern you prefer.


Now it’s time to enjoy the sweet reward of all your hard work.

-Carrie, Graphic Designer

About Hanky Panky

In 1977, designer Gale Epstein created a hand-made lingerie set for her friend, Lida Orzeck, crafted out of embroidered handkerchiefs. The original designs were the inspiration for the company name, Hanky Panky. Blending traditional with modern glam looks, Hanky Panky is a fashion favorite of countless celebrities.
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