Pep Squad Spotlight: Olivia from Cal Berkeley!

Hip, hip hooray for our newest Pep Squad Member, Olivia from the University of California, Berkeley! She will bring us boisterous blog posts, fabulous Facebook tips, and thrilling tweets of her adventure in Hanky Panky from the West Coast as she works on her Anthropology and Spanish Literature degrees, explores Bay Area hiking, and navigates the world! Want to know more about this quirky and fun NorCal Pep Squad Member? Read below!

Name: Olivia

Nicknames: Livy, Beans, Stinker, Bummy (my family has so many more!)

 Year: Junior

 Major: Anthropology and Spanish Literature in hopes of going into Family Court Law

 3 Things She Cannot Live Without: Her insulated Kleen Kanteen, Burt’s Bees lip balm and a full rainbow of Hanky Panky Low Rise Thongs! (OK, maybe that is more than three…)

Hobbies: An accomplished whistler, with the most ridiculous sense of humor, Olivia enjoys photography, and getting dirty outside or in the kitchen. She has long-term relationships with Harry Potter, dark chocolate, and the elliptical machine as well as a passion for Reusable Crafting.

On Music: Though she admits that she struggles with being able to recognize most music unless it’s Motown Oldies or Disney Musical Soundtracks, Olivia’s favorite song that can always get her one her feet dancing and singing is “Chicken Fried” by Zac Brown Band. Actually any or their songs can get her singing…

On Movies: With a laugh she admits that her favorite movie is and will always be The Lion King, the first movie she ever saw in a theater. A close second is The Count of Monte Cristoit might be because Jim Caviezel is the protagonist, but that is only a speculation.

Inspirations: Her mom, her sisters (2 biological as well as the 100+ women of ΚΚΓ), Sara Blakely (life-saver) and her Dad who reminds her of astrological phenomena and texts her things like “Liv, have a fantastical, fun, fulfilling, funny, facile, facilitatious, fabulous birthday. Love, Dad.”

Especially creative and outgoing, we’re so excited to give THREE CHEERS FOR OLIVIA!



About Hanky Panky

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