Hanky Panky Staff Picks: Our Favorite Bottoms

Hanky Panky has employees of all sizes, ages, and backgrounds, and we all have different needs and preferences when it comes to underwear. This series features some of our favorite styles, because among us, we’ve literally tried them all.

The Classics: Signature Lace

Hanky Panky Spring 2018 Thongs

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Thongs

Signature Lace Thongs
Available in Low Rise (fits sizes 2-12), Original Rise (fits sizes 4-14), Petite Low Rise (fits sizes 0-4), XXS Low Rise (fits sizes 00-2), and Plus Size Original Rise (fits sizes 14-24)

“I am a classic girl!” -Jiovannie, E-Commerce Customer Service Manager

“4811 Original Rise Thong—of course! But I prefer prints to basics. And even though I have worked for other lingerie brands, Hanky Panky has the best fit, quality and comfort level of any brand.” -Ashley, Account Executive

“The low rise thong is my favorite! I wear it almost every day, in Signature Lace and also in cotton.” -Makeda, Head Designer

Hanky Panky Signature Lace V-Kini

Signature Lace V-Kini

Signature Lace V-kini 
Available in Sizes S to XL

“My fave style is the v-kini. It fits great, covers all the right places and the waistband falls perfectly above my c-section so it holds that area in well.” -Eva, Color & Trim Manager

Hanky Panky Brazilian Bikini

Signature Lace Brazilian Bikini

Signature Lace Brazilian Bikini
Available in Sizes XS to L

“I’m a more full-coverage kind of gal. Cute, fun and sexy.” -Michelle, Coordinator of Visual Merchandisers

“It’s not a thong but has minimal coverage, so that my legs look longer and butt looks curvier.” -Rosa, Design Merchandising Coordinator

Signature Lace Girl-Kini

Signature Lace Girl-Kini
Available in Sizes XS to L

“My new favorite bottom is the Girlkini. It stays put, looks super cute on, and has just the right amount of coverage, front and back.” -Larissa, Senior Designer

Hanky Panky French Brief

Signature Lace French Brief

Signature Lace French Brief
Available in Sizes XS to XL and 1X to 3X

“I like the high leg cut and full back style! It’s sexy and sophisticated!” -Bella, Jr. Account Executive

Hanky Panky Betty Brief

Signature Lace Betty Brief

Signature Lace Betty Brief
Available in Sizes S to XL and 1X to 3X

“For the past 30+ years, my lingerie drawer has consisted of original rise thongs—solids, prints, lace, cotton—and a few boyshorts for sleeping, so I didn’t see this day coming. I’m now in the process of moving some still perfectly wearable thongs into my Lingeriecycle™ pile to make room for new favorites:  Signature Lace Betty Briefs and Organic Cotton French Briefs.” -Lida, Co-founder & CEO

Retro Lace

Hanky Panky Retro Thongs

Retro Lace Thongs

Retro Lace Thong
Available in One Size and One Size Plus

“This style gives me a little control in the middle and clean lines under my favorite dresses.” -Anne, Director of E-Commerce

“Since I’m nearly 5’11”, I often have a hard time with finding the right fit and length in any apparel. The Retro Thong sits perfectly on my hips. The wide lace band is super soft on the skin, and gives a “little hug” providing a totally smooth line over the hips, which is unusual for me due to my height. The V-front and the leg line created by the wide lace band are super flattering, making your tummy look flatter, and your legs look longer. Who doesn’t want that!? Retro Thong is great under dresses and skirts in the summer, and under leggings all year round. It’s my go-to pant on any day when I don’t wear hose.”
-Cindy,  Vice President of North American Sales

Hanky Panky Retro Lace V-Kini

Retro Lace V-Kini

Retro V-Kini
Available in sizes S to XL and 1X to 3X

“Helps me hide my pooch. Less restricting than shapewear. I love it under dresses!”
-Shannerri, Manager Order Entry & Customer Service

Organic Cotton

Hanky Panky Cotton with a Conscience® Organically-Grown Supima® Cotton-Spandex Boyshorts

Organically-Grown Supima® Cotton-Spandex Boyshorts

Organic Cotton Boyshorts
Available in sizes XS to L and 1X to 3X

“They are so soft and comfy!” -Carrie, Graphic Designer

Hanky Panky Cotton with a Conscience® Organically-Grown Supima® Cotton-Spandex French Briefs

Organically-Grown Supima® Cotton-Spandex French Briefs

Organic Cotton French Brief
Available in sizes S to XL and 1X to 3X

“At my age I’m all about comfort. The waist is wide and doesn’t roll or cut in and the leg openings are just the right height. And of course the fabric is fantastic!”
-Barbara, Design Tech Coordinator

So, these are a just few of our favorite styles. Which are YOUR favorites?

-Ariel, Ecommerce Merchandising & Operations Manager

About Hanky Panky

In 1977, designer Gale Epstein created a hand-made lingerie set for her friend, Lida Orzeck, crafted out of embroidered handkerchiefs. The original designs were the inspiration for the company name, Hanky Panky. Blending traditional with modern glam looks, Hanky Panky is a fashion favorite of countless celebrities.
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