Thong Diary: Hanky Panky Stowaways

Thong Diary

It’s time for another entry into the Hanky Panky Thong Diary! Today’s submissions come from two mothers whose undies went on accidental adventures, but (thankfully) made it safely back home.

Nap Time Thong

Nap Time Thong

This photo and note came from Alexis, @thewtfmom on Instagram.

A pair of my pink Hanky Panky undies took a field trip to my 3 year old son’s preschool with his pillow for nap and returned in his Superman lunchbox. Thank god I only wear Hanky Panky low rise thongs or boyshorts…Had they been anything else, this could have been a way more embarrassing situation!

Another mother, Rebecca L., shared a similar experience:

Mortifying parent moment…When you receive a note from your child’s preschool classroom entitled “laundry oops” with a pair of your recently laundered Hanky Panky panties tucked nicely together in a plastic shopping bag that was knotted tightly shut. The note read, “these fell out of his blanket and were found on the floor next to his cot”.
My 4 year old later told me that he found the panties stuck to his nap blanket, picked them off, and threw them on the ground next to his cot in the classroom. His teacher walked past him, saw the panties, and asked him if he knew anything about the panties on the floor. He proudly proclaimed, “those are my mommy’s.”

Luckily, both these stories have a happy ending—the undies made it safely home!

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About Hanky Panky

In 1977, designer Gale Epstein created a hand-made lingerie set for her friend, Lida Orzeck, crafted out of embroidered handkerchiefs. The original designs were the inspiration for the company name, Hanky Panky. Blending traditional with modern glam looks, Hanky Panky is a fashion favorite of countless celebrities.
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