The Potentially Deadly Art of Trousseau-Building

Bride by Harrison Fisher, 1908.

Bride by Harrison Fisher, 1908.

The modern bride-to-be has a wealth of bridal blogs to turn to for help planning her Big Day, including such treasure troves as Snippet and Ink,, Offbeat Bride, and DIY Bride.

But to whom could the 19th century American bride-to-be turn for advice and planning help? Perhaps she would open Florence Hartley’s The Ladies’ Book of Etiquette (Boston: Lee & Shepard, Publishers, 1872), and receive such buzz-kill advice as “Avoid, as intensely vulgar, any display of your position as a bride, whilst traveling.”

Bride, 1869

Bride, 1869

Or would she be overcome by the challenge of building a bridal trousseau without the Internet and, <gasp>, expire?!

Henry James (1843 – 1916), an American novelist, wrote of such an unfortunate lady in a letter to his mother:

“. . . I met Mr. Duggin of the Alergia etc. Imagine my horror on learning from him that our lovely friend Miss Bailey had died in Paris, in October last, of congestion of the brain brought on by the excitement and fatigue of shopping for her trousseau.  She was to be married on her return [emphasis added].” (James, Henry, to Mrs. Henry James, Sr., March 24, 1873, in Henry James, Selected Letters, Leon Edel, ed. (Boston: Harvard University Press, 1987).)

Here at Hanky Panky, we firmly insist that those of you who are currently planning your wedding not only survive the day, but go on to enjoy many years of marital bliss. To that end, we offer the following favorites from this year’s Bridal Collection, to aid you in assembling the perfect trousseau, with delight, and not fright.

For the Big Day.  Nadine, the Showroom Manager at Hanky Panky’s Park Avenue South office, recommends our BARE® thong if your wedding gown requires a truly invisible underpinning.

Our BARE “Godiva” Hi-Rise Thong is made of an ultra-soft lightweight microfiber knit imported from Italy. Its wide waistband allows wedding gowns of the thinnest silk, sheerest tulle, or most form-fitting design to glide over you effortlessly, without the appearance of seams or snags.

Says Nadine: “My wedding gown was made of a whisper-thin silk and decorated mesh overlay. Every panty I tried showed through!  Lucky for me, I work at Hanky Panky. BARE wasn’t in stores yet, but Luis, our Professor of Prototypes, made a BARE thong just for me, and Nicole from the finance department hand-delivered it to my house right before the wedding.”

Nadine, Hanky Panky’s Showroom Manager, and her husband Doug, on their wedding day.

For the Big Night.  Nothing makes a great first impression (ahem) like our Lady Catherine silk chemise with matching panty and garter.

Hnaky Panky Lady Catherine Silk Chemise (Style No. 885401)

Lady Catherine Silk Chemise (Style No. 885401)

Hanky Panky Lady Catherine BARE panty with lace back (Style No. 972291)

Lady Catherine BARE panty with lace back (Style No. 972291)

Lady Catherine Corded Lace Garter (Style No. 9PB111)

Lady Catherine Corded Lace Garter (Style No. 9PB111)

You can see more great pieces in our Bridal Collection, and shop for personalized thongs and other bridal gifts, on our website.


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In 1977, designer Gale Epstein created a hand-made lingerie set for her friend, Lida Orzeck, crafted out of embroidered handkerchiefs. The original designs were the inspiration for the company name, Hanky Panky. Blending traditional with modern glam looks, Hanky Panky is a fashion favorite of countless celebrities.
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