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CEO Lida Orzeck, "Chairman of the Board" Henree and President & Creative Director Gale Epstein in the Hanky Panky showroom.

CEO Lida Orzeck, “Chairman of the Board” Henree and President & Creative Director Gale Epstein in the Hanky Panky showroom.

What an exciting year this is! 2011 is the 25th Anniversary of the creation of Hanky Panky’s iconic World’s Most Comfortable Thong®, our style 4811. In celebration, we are relaunching the Hanky Panky blog with about 25 staffers exercising their writing chops on a variety of subjects—about 25 in all. (Are you beginning to see a pattern here…?)

When Gale introduced 4811 in 1986, it became an instant classic because of its style and oxymoronic comfort. Our Original Rise Thong changed the landscape of intimate apparel and our celebratory events will continue throughout the year. You will learn about them also through our blog posts.

We are eager to experience the variety of topics, points of view and writing styles. I think this will make for a very interesting blog.  Please let us know if you agree! We are so grateful to our fans for your loyalty to Hanky Panky through the years. You have always talked to your friends about the brand (that’s how we got to be who we are today!) so don’t stop now. Let us hear from you.

Gale Epstein, President and Creative Director
Lida Orzeck, CEO
Henree, Chairman of the Board

About Hanky Panky

In 1977, designer Gale Epstein created a hand-made lingerie set for her friend, Lida Orzeck, crafted out of embroidered handkerchiefs. The original designs were the inspiration for the company name, Hanky Panky. Blending traditional with modern glam looks, Hanky Panky is a fashion favorite of countless celebrities.
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