We’re Celebrating a Milestone!

And no, it’s not 40! Well, we are still celebrating 40 years of Hanky Panky, but another member of the Hanky Panky team is celebrating a big milestone: Henree is turning 15!! That is 105 years old in dog years!

Henree of Hanky Panky

A Year of Milestones: Henree turns 15

And to celebrate this 15th birthday, we are sharing 15 fun facts that you probably didn’t know about Henree:

1. Henree is a girl!

SURPRISE! If you thought she was a boy, guess again.

2. How she got her name…

Henree’s name was chosen in part to play with gender expectation and as an homage to her predecessor, Lida’s black female standard poodle, Pepsee.

Henree defying gender norms in her tie!

3. She is a full-bred standard poodle.

Here is her official pedigree:

Henree’s Pedigree back when she was a pup named Sheba

4. She was adopted by Lida at 2.5 years old.

The family that gave her up bought her from a breeder in Rochester, NY and then gave her up to the Watchung Mountain Poodle Club Rescue in New Jersey after she had a litter. From there, she found a permanent home with Lida in the Big Apple.

5. Henree’s quick ascension in the corporate world

She became Chairman of the board at the tender age of 5 human years and joined Lida and Gale as a top-ranking executive. A title, her good looks earned her.

Lida, Gale, and Henree of Hanky Panky

Lida, Henree and Gale in a very important board meeting

6. She is a fixture at the Hanky Panky office.

Though her work ethic is questionable at times…

7. Henree knows her way home…

“She found her way home to 92nd Street, which involved crossing Central Park West, from the Great Lawn, when yours truly (Lida) became distracted and lost her in the crowd” as Lida recalls.

8. While she knows her way through the streets of NYC like a true New Yorker, the farthest she’s been is North Carolina.

Henree at the beach in NC

Henree at the beach in North Carolina

9. Her BFF is Trixie, an apricot standard poodle.

Henree has been showing her the ropes since Trixie was 6 months old and they share all the gossip. BFFs are the best.

Henree and Trixie

Henree and Trixie


Besties sharing the doggy down-low on their walk

Henree & Trixie in the puppy years

Henree & Trixie in the puppy years. Oh yeah, and, Lida

10. She and her pack are pure #squadgoals.

They meet up for happy hour twice a week. And, of course, she’s at the center!

Henree on a walk with the pack

How dogs do happy hour

11. A true social butterfly, she can also hang with cats.

Here she is at a sleepover getting toasty with the crew:

Henree with cats at sleepover

Proof that dogs and cats can peacefully co-exist

12. And what are her fav foods?

Her sensitive stomach requires a limited diet of sweet potato, pumpkin and venison, but if she had her druthers, it’d be peanut butter and pizza all day, everyday (my kind of girl!)

Henree, a dignified poodle, is not above hoping (dare I say "begging") for a treat now and again.

Henree, when she makes her “I want pizza” face.

Henree's affinity for pumpkin was an inspiration for one of Patrick McDonnell's of Mutts comic strip

Henree’s affinity for pumpkin was an inspiration for one of Patrick McDonnell’s of Mutts Comic Strips in 2013. © 2013 Patrick McDonnell King Features Syndicate Inc.

13. Her favorite toys include:

Pink Poodle, Empire State Building, Dudley, Hanukkah bone, Carrot, Rocky

According to Henree, “Rocky was a gift when I arrived at my new home 12 ½ years ago. Rocky, a raccoon, has squeakers in each paw and is in perfect condition, squeaks and all, because I have what is called a “soft mouth”—a poodle trait.”

But Henree is not all toys and games, she is an avid and informed reader, who always finds time in her busy day to catch up on news.

Henree reading the Times, while she is chaufeurred to work.

Henree reading the Times, while she is chauffeured to work

14. Henree has been the muse and inspiration behind many great works of art (I told you those looks got her far).

In 2011, Gale Epstein and Lida Orzeck, Hanky Panky’s co-founders, bid on and won “Your Pet Featured in Patrick McDonnell’s Renowned Mutts Comic Strip” at a fundraiser for the Humane Society of the United States. Henree starred in McDonnell’s cartoon that year (shown above) and again two years later. © 2011 Patrick McDonnell King Features Syndicate Inc.

Henree painting by Carl Stewart

Henree as captured by Carl Stewart

15. Her highlights are natural and really just complete the flawless look.


What many can only try to achieve just comes naturally for Henree

Bonus Trivia: Henree likes to fish, but not swim. Watch the hair!

Carla, wishing Henree a happy 15!

About Hanky Panky

In 1977, designer Gale Epstein created a hand-made lingerie set for her friend, Lida Orzeck, crafted out of embroidered handkerchiefs. The original designs were the inspiration for the company name, Hanky Panky. Blending traditional with modern glam looks, Hanky Panky is a fashion favorite of countless celebrities.
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